Jalen Hurts

  • Jalen Hurts had -270 odds to be drafted in Round 2 of the NFL Draft.
  • Hurts was also expected to be drafted under Pick 51.5 (-145).

PHILADELPHIA – With the 21st pick of the second round of the NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts.

While Hurts was predicted at legal sports betting sites to be drafted under Pick 51.5 (-145), landing on the Eagles was never expected. In fact, Hurts was given odds for what team will draft him – the Eagles weren’t even in the list of the nine teams.

Which Team Will Draft Jalen Hurts?

  • The Field +300
  • New England Patriots +300
  • Indianapolis Colts +425
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +450
  • Las Vegas Raiders +475
  • New Orleans Saints +700
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +1000
  • Chicago Bears +1400
  • Dallas Cowboys +1400
  • Baltimore Ravens +1600

With “the field” as the favorite, those betting on the NFL Draft were given odds of +300 in this winner. While this was technically tied for the favorite, the fact that the Eagles were the team to draft Hurts left many NFL fans scratching their heads.

Hurts has a decorated collegiate career, being named the SEC Freshman of the Year and SEC Offensive Player of the Year in 2016. Also being a three-time conference champion (2x SEC, 1x Big-12), Hurts has a CFP Championship to his name (2018) as well as being named the runner up for the Heisman Trophy last year.

Still, the Eagles have Carson Wentz, who was listed as one of the favorites to win the MVP this upcoming NFL season.

Regardless, Hurts in now an Eagle and though he won’t likely see playing time in his rookie year, he has already helped some bettors win some money.

Aside from being drafted in the second round (-270), he was also given -180 odds to be drafted before Jacob Eason (+155) and Jake Fromm (+700).

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