Sportsbooks have already listed UFC Fight Night 175 betting odds for all the fights. Three in particular are already getting attention.

  • Edmen Shahbazyan has -265 odds to beat Derek Brunson in their middleweight bout.
  • Vicente Luque has -180 odds to beat Randy Brown.
  • Joanne Calderwood has -170 short odds to beat Jennifer Maia in the women’s flyweight matchup.

LAS VEGAS – With Fight Night 175 incoming, sports bettors are beginning to take action on some of the big fights of the night.

The main event will see a middleweight bout between Edmen Shahbazyah and Derek Brunson. Sports bettors are leaning in favor of Shahbazyan taking the win.

There is also a lot of action being taken on the Vicente Luque and Randy Brown battle as well as the women’s flyweight matchup between Joanne Calderwood and Jennifer Maia.

The Main Event

Those betting on UFC this week will find no shortage of odds for the upcoming Fight Night 175 as there are several key fights for ample action.

The big fight that has sports bettors clamoring is the Brunson vs. Shahbazyan middleweight bout. Odds at online sportsbooks show that Shahbazyan is heavily favored.

UFC Fight Night 175 Derek Brunson Vs. Edmen Shahbazyan Odds

  • Derek Brunson +225
  • Edmen Shahbazyan -265

Shahbazyan is garnering a lot of attention due to his undefeated mixed martial arts record of 11-0 which has him ranked 9th in the middleweight division.

The Golden Boy is going up against experience, however, as the 36-year-old Brunson has been in a lot more battles which may have him more prepared that Shahbazyan’s other opponents.

In addition, Brunson bodes a 20-7-0 record, which means neither combatant has been defeated in the octagon.

Randy Brown vs. Vicente Luque Odds

Sports bettors are also excited for the Randy Brown and Vicente Luque welterweight fight. Brown is coming in as a clear underdog against Luque.

UFC Fight Night 175 Randy Brown vs. Vicente Luque Odds

  • Randy Brown +155
  • Vicente Luque -180

Brown is a Brazillian jiu-jitsu specialist with a 12-3-0 record. Vicente specializes in muay thai but is also strong in jiu-jitsu and luta livre and holds an 18-7-1 record.

Since Luque is skilled enough to grapple against Brown and Brown does not have much in his arsenal to deal with the knees and elbows Luque can throw while they are standing, it makes sense that sports bettors are leaning towards Luque to take the win.

Jennifer Maia vs. Joanne Calderwood Odds

The final betting line that is getting the attention of sports bettors is Maia vs. Calderwood. Calderwood is the favorite going into the matchup.

UFC Fight Night 175 Jennifer Maia Vs. Joanne Calderwood Odds

  • Jennifer Maia +145
  • Joanne Calderwood -170

This matchup is far more nuanced than it may appear from the betting lines. These fighters excel in completely different areas, giving neither a clear edge over the other.

Although Calderwood is favored, possibly because of her Brazilian jiu-jitsu, if she is unable to pin down Maia the fight can be over quickly.

Maia is a world-class boxer with a 17-6-1 record, she is extremely skilled at keeping the fight standing and has the stamina to take the fight all 5 rounds.

Calderwood on the other hand tends to aim for the tap out as early as possible. There is a possibility depending on how the fight persists for Maia to take home the win.

Regardless of which way you plan to wager, legal sports betting sites will continue to update the odds for UFC Fight Night 175. The lines may shift more favorably the closer the event gets.

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