Jair Bolsonaro

  • Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro prevents the sports betting proposal from reaching congress.
  • President Bolsonaro is projected to lose his upcoming reelection campaign.
  • Deputy Congressmen Marco Feliciano convinced President Bolsonaro to stop the proposal.

BRAZIL – The momentum behind a sports betting proposal in Brazil has come to a complete halt after President Jair Bolsonaro stops the bill from heading to Congress.

President Bolsonaro was convinced by Deputy Congressman Marco Feliciano to stop the bill from advancing. Feliciano is an evangelic pastor who is opposed to all forms of gambling.

Bolsonaro is up for reelection this year and the polls show he is losing the race. This move to stop sports betting in Brazil is likely a result of his tough political standing.

Sports Betting Delayed In Brazil

There was early momentum surrounding regulated sports betting launching in Brazil which makes the proposal being halted all the more shocking.

The proposal was set to be presented during the upcoming congressional meeting. It was likely to advance in congress with a lot of support from lawmakers.

Many lawmakers in Brazil are in favor of a regulated market due to the potential revenue boost that can come with one.

Feliciano was one who was opposed, publicly speaking out against the dangers of sports betting and how it can lead to a full gambling market and a danger for families.

“I am an evangelical pastor,” said Feliciano. “I was elected to represent this segment. We are against any type of game involving cash betting. The game destroys families. That’s the door to the casinos.” -TRANSLATED

This delay sets sports betting back at least until after the election. But even then there is now no timeline on the betting market.

Should Bolsonaro be reelected, there is no guarantee that he will continue to pursue sports betting. On the other hand, should Bolsonaro lose to Luís Inácio Lula da Silva (the current favorite according to polls) it is unknown if he will push for sports betting.

Lula da Silva has not publicly stated his views on a sports betting industry in Brazil and could very well snub all pending legislation, including the sports betting proposal from the previous administration.

Brazil’s legal sports betting market is now in turmoil.

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