Manchester City

  • As the Premier League gets ready to restart Wednesday, top club Liverpool (-50000) looks to complete their title run.
  • Manchester City remains the only mathematical threat to Liverpool’s title and sits at +10000 odds to usurp the leaders.
  • Liverpool needs only six points across its last nine matches to win the championship.

MANCHESTER, EnglandWith the Premier League set to restart Wednesday, the title race would appear to be already done and dusted.

Liverpool maintains a massive 25-point lead on the Premier League table after one of the most successful seasons in club history.

Liverpool posted an amazing run this season before the postponement of play that saw them as winners in 27 out of 29 of their league matches. With only one loss and one draw to their name this season, Liverpool sits with 82 points on a whopping +45 goal differential.

Now, Liverpool needs only six more points across their final nine matches to secure the club’s first league cup in 30 years, and the only title of the Premier League era.

However, there still exists a mathematical possibility of a complete disaster. As any experienced soccer bettor knows, if there is a chance, it is worth a deeper look.

Odds to Win 2019-20 English Premier League

  • Liverpool -50000
  • Manchester City +10000

Manchester City holds on to the second-place spot in the Premier League with 57 points.

For a bet situation like this, it is necessary to assume all possible outcomes. In this outcome, Liverpool loses every single one of their final nine matches.

With ten matches remaining to be played, Manchester City would need to win at least eight of those to get within 1 point of the current Liverpool standings. Draws in the final two games would give City a one-point lead in the table with 83 points.

Now, it is still possible for Manchester City to pull this off with Liverpool scoring a few draws, and even one win. Again, Liverpool needs six points to win the title.

Manchester City obviously also must not lose. A loss at any point combined with a Liverpool win ends the race.

In their final ten matchups, Manchester City should be the favorite in every game except a July 2 match against the incumbent champions themselves, Liverpool.

While the odds of Liverpool losing their last nine matches is certainly more than +10000, in the betting world, anything is worth a shot. Legal sports betting sites will continue to update these odds as each game is played out this season.

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