• 2VC and ProdegeMR released a survey saying that esports betting has increased in 2020.
  • Bettors are looking to wager on esports due to the lack of sports being played.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Research done by 2CV and ProdegeMR shows that both the number of esports bettors and the amount of esports betting revenue will nearly double in 2020.

The research done by both companies was released on SportsBusiness. In 2020, the sports betting revenue will double to $14 billion compared to 2019’s $7 billion.

The main reason for that is the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down all major sports leagues around the world. Due to that, there are hardly any legal sports betting opportunities that are available.

But that is not the case with esports betting. Most esports leagues are operating as normal since matches can be played remotely. Thanks to that, esports betting is thriving.

In the survey conducted by 2CV and ProdegeMR, 36 percent of gamblers have tried esports betting in the last three months. Of that, 30 percent of gamblers have tried esports betting in the last month. There is also 22 percent of bettors who have not tried esports betting is planning to do so within the next three months.

Esports betting is one of the few betting opportunities that is currently available right now. Of course, not everyone who has lost the opportunity to bet on sports is moving to esports betting. About 59 percent of sports bettors have reduced the number of bets they have made. About 54 percent of all polled sports bettors have just stopped gambling altogether.

Esports betting has piqued the interest of many sports bettors who are looking for an alternative for sports betting. But many sports bettors would rather not spend the money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those who are not betting as much or who are not betting at all may continue to do so once the sports leagues return. There is also a chance that those who have started esports betting will continue to do so after the coronavirus has passed. Either way, esports betting is thriving now more than ever.

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