Betting on soccer

  • England has +155 odds to beat Italy.
  • There is a 0-point spread on the game.
  • The point total for the game is set at 2 points.

LONDON — With the Euro 2020 Finals, soccer betting fans have a matchup between England and Italy on Sunday. England is favored to beat Italy despite being a pick ’em on the spread.

With a 0.0 spread, either team would need to win by just 1-point in order to cash, giving an opportunity to double down on a moneyline bet, but which way is more profitable?

England Vs. Italy – Euro 2020 Odds

  • Moneyline: England (+155)
  • Moneyline: Italy (+210)
  • Moneyline: Draw (+200)
  • Total: 2 Goals
  • Spread: England 0, -0.5 (+105)
  • Spread: Italy 0, +0.5 (-125)

England is a +105 favorite, not giving much of a payout compared to the +155 odds on the moneyline. Even being split 0, -0.5, if one believes England to win, betting the moneyline is a better payout. However, the benefit of taking the spread comes with mitigating losses on a draw.

Because half of the spread bet is +0, this push would refund half of the bet back to anyone betting on England for the Euro 2020 Finals.

For betting on Italy at legal sports betting sites, the split becomes slightly more involved.

With +210 odds, anyone thinking Italy takes a victory in 90 minutes has the best opportunity on the moneyline. The payout is higher and the bet has a less expensive vigorish compared to the spread.

Still, fans of betting on Italy in the Euro 2020 Finals can find some support by taking the spread. This opens up a win when drawing due to the +0.5 spread, and leaves a profit of $50 on the spread rather than losing $100 on the moneyline.

One important factor to point out however is the loss aspect. Betting the spread benefits Italy supporters who are unsure of a win, but it is actually less expensive to lose on Italy on the moneyline compared to the spread if England were to win straight up.

Because of the underdog odds on the moneyline, a $100 loss would be 20% less than losing $125 on the favored and more expensive odds given to the 0, +0.5 spread.

With Italy being able to hit the Over in six of their last eight games but England only in two of their last eight games, it seems the three-way moneyline or spread are the best way to bet on the Euro 2020 Finals.

The Finals begin at 3 p.m. ET.

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