Rufus Peabody

  • Famous Sports Bettor, Rufus Peabody, has tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • There are 54,996 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States.
  • Casino sportsbooks in Las Vegas have shut down to prevent the spread of the virus.

LAS VEGAS — Sadly for those deep in the sports betting world, famous sports bettor Rufus Peabody has tested positive for the coronavirus. He made the announcement via social media and that he might have been contagious at a conference that he went to.

There are a total of 54,996 cases in the U.S. and counting. Being that there are that many cases, sportsbooks in Las Vegas have begun to close in order to prevent sports bettors from spreading the virus.

Rufus Peabody

The 34-year old famous sports bettor, Rufus Peabody shared via Twitter that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

“So… I have coronavirus. I got tested Tuesday and am awaiting my result, but someone I lived with tested positive (I likely gave it to her). Based on the timing of my symptoms (started Sat 3/7) I’m afraid I may have been contagious at #SSAC20…” said Peabody on his Twitter.

At the end of his tweet, he mentions how he might have been contagious at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which took place in Boston and had over 3,000 people in attendance. In the state of Massachusetts, there are already 1,159 cases and 11-deaths.

Peabody is still going strong as he has mentioned on his Twitter that he has felt perfectly healthy for the past 10-days.

Vegas Sportsbooks

Being that the coronavirus pandemic keeps on growing, legal sports betting venues in Las Vegas have done their part in trying to prevent it’s spread by closing their doors until further notice. In fact, the entire Las Vegas strip has been slowly shutting down as they try to do their part in fighting the contagious virus.

Adding to the Vegas sportsbooks closing, all 13 of the MGM Resort properties that are in Las Vegas have temporarily closed until further notice as they try to help prevent gamblers, famous sports bettors, and common sports bettors alike from potentially spreading the sickness.

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