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  • Kevin Durant and agent, Rich Kleiman partnered with FanDuel for content creation.
  • Together they will create content such as video, audio, social media, and more.

LAS VEGASFanDuel has expanded even more and added another star athlete to their list of partnerships with Kevin Durant and his agent, Rich Kleiman. Durant and Kleiman have created a podcast called Boardroom in which they dive deep into the NBA business. They have now partnered their show with one of the leading sportsbooks in the country.

FanDuel has been one of the leading online sportsbooks in recent history, especially since breaching into the content creating industry. They have partnered with other athletes such as former Indianapolis Colts punter, Pat McAfee and are also the official sportsbook for television networks like TNT.

In the partnership, the two sides will come together to create new content including a new segment to Durant and Kleinman’s existing show, Boardroom. The segment will be named Boardroom Breakers in which they will present all of the current odds with FanDuel being the exclusive sportsbook.

“For Boardroom and what Kevin and Rich have built, this is a continuation of a strategy we’ve seen be really successful – It’s important to me that I build the American sportsbook of record, and what I mean by that is we’re getting real close to a place where the average person in the United States isn’t saying ‘Vegas has the line at X,’ they’re saying ‘FanDuel has the odds at X’ and ‘FanDuel has the line at Y – Being a part of the sports dialogue across a host of different kinds of partners is a really critical component to the strategy of how I make that vision a reality,” said the Chief Marketing Officer of FanDuel, Mike Raffensperger.

“FanDuel is a brand that I always envisioned in a perfect world being that partner – They’re clearly one of the winners in the space but they also have been able to maintain a certain cache to their brand, which is not easy to do when you’re in the gambling and fantasy space. The fact that they’re partnering with us is really amazing because it’s who we always hoped would be our partner in this space,” Kleinman added.

Other Notable Partnerships

FanDuel has had no shortage of partnerships over the years which has helped them expand their brand. Some of those partnerships include being the exclusive sportsbook and daily fantasy partner of the Phoenix Suns. They have also partnered with Coinbase and breached into the NFT space.

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