Former Super Bowl champion wide receiver for the Denver Broncos, Rod Smith, has signed to become a brand ambassador for Denver Sports Betting.

  • Former Bronco, Rod Smith, is now the chief brand ambassador for Denver Sports Betting and will be involved in marketing content for the local sports gambling site.
  • Smith joins another former NFL player Pat McAfee in partnerships involving sports betting to continue to grow the engagement of NFL bettors in the US.
  • Smith’s former team is also focusing on betting by opening a sports betting lounged powered by BetMGM inside the stadium.

DENVERSuper Bowl Champion, Rod Smith, will be stepping into the sports betting game after partnering with a sports betting analysis website.

The former Denver Bronco wide receiver is now the chief brand ambassador with Denver Sports Betting and will have a role in all of the productions.

In this partnership, Smith is set to be involved with marketing content, work to foster trust from the community, and instill excitement and education within the Colorado sports betting market.

“When you bring in a guy like Rod, you bring championship-caliber experience to the team,” said Ryan Garcia, Denver Sports Betting founder. “The wealth of knowledge he brings to the table is priceless, and whether it’s business-wise or personal, he’s been through it and knows what it takes to reach that next level. That’s precisely what he’s going to do with Denver Sports Betting. He is going to bring a championship mentality to our outlet, and ensure we are providing the best product out there.”

Smith will help the platform connect with new audiences and will be bringing in more of the NFL bettors that are a big part of the betting community.

There will even be private dinners with Smith and fans who win various company competitions that Denver Sports Betting administers.

Football is projected to receive the most revenue for sports betting companies and casinos and as a local legend in the sport, he is excited to see others win at wagering on the game.

“Everybody thinks they know every game, who’s going to win, who’s going to score how many points. Now you can put your money where your mouth is,” said Smith. “For me, it’s about taking that business and making that business so fun that everyone wants to be a part of it. We can celebrate people winning.”

Part Of A Growing Trend

It is becoming normal for former professional athletes to endorse legal sports betting and just last month another former NFL player struck a partnership deal. Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee, who is a host of his own show and podcast, signed a deal with FanDuel to expand and grow a media and promotions relationship.

The Denver Broncos are also putting a focus on sports betting by partnering with BetMGM. At Empower Field at Mile High Stadium, it has been announced that there will be a “full-service premium bar, a luxury lounge, live odds, and assistance with BetMGM’s mobile app.”

Due to COVID-19, there will probably not be any fans in the stands this season to take to enjoy the lounge just yet.

“The entire world has completely changed in the last seven months, eight months,” says Smith. “This is a way for us to come out of it. … We need some friendly competition in the world away from all that craziness.”

The NFL season is right around the corner and many worries are stirring up about if the season will be able to run smoothly with the looming health concerns. Smith is able to now be a part of sports betting and believes that is exactly what fans need.

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