Genius Sports will provide live betting data on professional lacrosse.

  • Genius Sports will now be the official provider of live in-game betting data for sportsbooks regarding the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) games.
  • The league has cemented a partnership with Genius Sports after wanting to venture into live in-game betting for some time now.
  • A 16-day tournament that will end with a crowned team Champion will begin in late July and will feature live in-game wagers throughout.

NEW YORKGenius Sports has partnered with the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) as their official data and integrity provider for betting purposes but especially for that of live in-game wagers.

The PLL has been wanting to get into the market of live in-game betting for some time now and has finally chosen to use the services of Genius Sports.

The company will be responsible for providing content to sportsbooks in the US and around the globe with live data information on all future PLL matches for sports bettors to engage in live bets on the games.

The Agreement

Genius Sports has a resume of major sporting organization clients such as the NBA, NCAA, PGA, FIBA, and the English Premier League (EPL).

Under their latest partnership with the PLL, not only will they give sports betting operators live information from all of their matchups for live in-game betting but they will also provide monitoring and protection from any suspicious betting behaviors.

Live betting has always been a fan favorite among sports bettors as it provides added engagement in the events being held.

With the option to gamble on the games as they are happening with mobile sportsbooks, more bettors ultimately become fans of a sport they didn’t notice before.

This is one of the reasons that the PLL wanted to get into this particular aspect of legal sports betting. It is the hope that they will now be able to expand upon their fanbase with the information that Genius Sports will provide sportsbooks with to aid in both regular and live wagers offered for PLL events.

“The Genius Sports team has a proven track record of success in working with leagues to launch sports betting platforms”, said Mike Rabil, PLL Co-Founder & CEO on Tuesday. “Our partnership will offer services that span integrity education services, data collection and distribution as we work with state regulators and authorized gaming operators to cover the PLL.”

What’s Next For PLL?

The PLL season was postponed as so many other sporting events were due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

They will now hold a 16-day tournament event that will consist of a total of 20 games from July 25 – August 9 that will be televised by the NBC Network.

At this point, the tournament will be televised but closed to spectators. Live in-game betting, as well as other wagers, will now be part of the PLL experience when the tournament begins.

Sportsbooks do not yet have regular betting lines posted for the event.

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