Odds on marble racing are available on online sportsbooks.

  • Marble Racing exists and almost a dozen bets are up for sports bettors to participate in.
  • Marbula One odds are the equivalent of the Formula One car racing tournament, only the cars have been swapped out for marbles.

NEW YORK – It’s time to bet on the races, the marble races, as odds for the Marbula One tournament are up on sportsbooks.

Creativity has been a driving force in the world of legal sports betting as many professional leagues have stopped playing due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

And while many people are losing their marbles being quarantined worldwide, they can now bet on them with the introduction of Marbula One.

What Is Marbula One?

Not many sports bettors would think that there is a Marble League out there, but there is. Jelle’s Marble Runs created the Marbula One tournament on February 15.

The name “Marbula One” is a nod to the Formula One car race that Jelle’s wanted to emulate with their marbles. The marbles are placed on a conveyor belt that acts as a “racetrack” where they roll for numerous laps, just like a car race would.

Each Saturday and Sunday, videos of the races are uploaded for viewers to watch on Jelle’s Marble Runs YouTube channel at 7:30 p.m. UTC. The qualifiers for Marbula One will be taking place on March 28 with the race happening on March 29.

Marble racing is the latest form of entertainment for sports betting enthusiasts and the odds are out for which marbles will take home the trophy at Marbula One.

The Odds For Marbula One

There are a number of wagers listed for Marbula One for both the Saturday qualifier and the Sunday race listed on BetOnline Sportsbook. In total, there are 11 different bets that can be placed on the tournament through mobile betting outlets. Some of the top wagers include:

“Will two lead marbles make contact in their final lap?” The odds are favored for the ‘No’ (-350) category while ‘Yes’ (+225) is the underdog.

“Will any marble not finish the race?” ‘No’ is again the favorite by sportsbooks with odds of -300 and ‘Yes’ having odds of +200.

“Will there be a lead change during the final lap?” No is set at -750 odds while ‘Yes’ has odds of +450.

“Will the winner record the fastest lap?” ‘No’ has the most favorable odds (-500) and ‘Yes’ is set at +300.

The Takeaway

With the sports world taking a break amid COVID-19 quarantines, the sports betting scene has plenty of marbles in their back pocket to keep bettors engaged.

Marbula One is already gaining in popularity among those that are into auto racing as there are quite a few similarities. The races begin on March 28 with a winner being crowned on March 29.

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