Boston Celtics

  • The Los Angeles Lakers are favored to win the NBA Championship at +275 odds.
  • The Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks have +300 odds of winning the championship.
  • The Toronto Raptors have +700 odds of winning the NBA Championship.
  • The Boston Celtics have +800 odds to win the Championship.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Since the start of the NBA Playoffs, there is no hiding the level of competitiveness that is taking place inside of the bubble. With the high level of competitiveness here in the playoffs, it is only right that the odds to win the championship keep on shifting.

Legal sports betting sites have the Los Angeles Lakers listed as the slight favorites to win the NBA Championship.

Odds To Win The NBA Championship

  • Los Angeles Lakers +275
  • Los Angeles Clippers +300
  • Milwaukee Bucks +300
  • Toronto Raptors +700
  • Boston Celtics +800
  • Houston Rockets +1500
  • Miami Heat +2200
  • Dallas Mavericks +2500
  • Utah Jazz +3300
  • Oklahoma City Thunder +5000
  • Denver Nuggets +15000
  • Portland Trailblazers +30000
  • Orlando Magic +100000

Trending Upward

Since the start of the NBA playoffs, there have been plenty of teams that have been shifting shorter and shorter on the odds boards.

Starting with the defending NBA Champions, Toronto Raptors. Since entering the NBA bubble, the Raptors NBA odds to win the championship opened at +1600.

They have since been cut in half and sit even shorter at +700. There should be no surprises here as they have been playing great basketball since the restart, especially in the first round of the playoffs sweeping the Brooklyn Nets.

Moving on to the Boston Celtics, their odds have also been cut short since they first opened at +1200.

They are now sitting at +800 odds after defeating the Philadelphia 76ers in sweeping fashion in the first round. The Celtics have proven that they are one of the top teams in the playoffs after this and will look to back up their odds even more in the second round.

Looking at the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks, both of these teams have made significant jumps on the NBA Championship odds board.

Both teams have opened the odds at +4000 odds but have since made dramatic jumps. In the Miami Heat’s case, they have come out absolutely swinging in the playoffs having just swept the Indiana Pacers in the first round leaving them at +2200 odds now.

The Mavericks, on the other hand, are still fighting in the first round and could very well upset the Los Angeles Clippers, as the series is tied at 2-2 behind Luka Doncic leading them to new heights.

Trending Downward

For some of the teams, it has been a different story. This includes the top three favorites in the Lakers, Bucks, and Clippers.

Starting with the three favorites, the reason they are all trending backward is that there has not been any consistency in any one of them holding on to the favorite spot.

All three have faced tough losses in the first round of the playoffs which has forced them to shift around even more.

The Lakers and Bucks both dropped their first games against their eighth-seeded opponents and the Clippers are struggling to hold on against the Mavericks.

The Houston Rockets are currently tied at 2-2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, but this is not entirely on their play.

They are missing their star point guard and former league MVP Russell Westbrook.

If Westbrook were playing, they would most likely be in a different situation but unfortunately, that is not the case here and their odds have seen a big hit as well.

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