IMAX is partnering with Vindex to broadcast esports events and this could possibly lead to esports betting to become available.

  • Esports events are going to be broadcasted to IMAX theaters thanks to Vindex.
  • The increasing number of eyes on esports could lead to legislation allowing for esports betting.
  • Esports events are expected to broadcast in IMAX theaters sometime in 2020.

NEW YORK – Vindex and IMAX announced on Tuesday that they are partnering up to broadcast esports events in IMAX theaters.

Unless fans visit the venue where esports tournaments are, most viewings of events are done on personal devices. Although there are specialized gaming bars that will broadcast esports events, most other establishments will not do so.

That is going to change with Vindex and IMAX forming a new partnership. Vindex is one of the leading esports infrastructure programs. IMAX has joined with Vindex to give them a platform to broadcast various esports events. With esports becoming a $1 billion industry in 2019, more eyes are on esports now more than ever. To accommodate that, IMAX theaters will broadcast esports events around the world.

“The Esports industry has never before had access to the massive reach and unmatched technology of the IMAX platform. Partnering with IMAX enables us to provide esports fans a remarkable experience – live esports on the largest, highest-quality screens in the world for the first time,” said Mike Sepso, Vindex CEO. “We will focus on creating incredible experiences for fans by combining our deep relationships with esports leagues and game-publisher partners with our track record of producing some of the most watched events in esports history.”

Esports Betting Is A Possibility

With more people watching esports, fans are looking for another outlet to enjoy their pastime. Esports betting could become a possibility that will be available in the future.

Most states that have legal sports betting have very specific rules against esports betting. Lawmakers usually ban esports betting in the same line that they would prevent betting on high school games due to the fact that some esports participants could be minors.

But the fact that IMAX will be broadcasting esports events could show lawmakers that esports is enjoyed the same way traditional sports are. New Jersey tested the grounds in November and allowed for the first esports bets to happen.

With more eyes on esports, states like New Jersey could allow for more esports betting to happen. It is also possible that lawmakers in states that have not legalized sports betting yet could allow for esports wagering to occur.

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