An informational sports betting site is up in Virginia

  • Virginia sports betting was legalized on April 22.
  • The website set up by the Virginia Lottery is designed to inform potential sportsbook owners.
  • Sports betting laws will start to become enacted on July 1, 2020.

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia Lottery has set up a new website that contains information about the new sports betting laws.

Virginia sports betting was only recently legalized on April 22. Due to that, there are likely potential sportsbook operators who do not know that sports betting is coming to the state.

To assist with that, the Virginia Lottery has set up an informational website that has much-needed instructions on how to enter the market and how to comply with the new laws.

Information On The Website

One of the most useful links on the website is an FAQ section designed to help bettors and retailers understand what is happening in Virginia. For example, the website claims that legal sports betting will not available until December 2020 at the earliest. It seems more likely that sports betting will not be active in Virginia until 2021, especially due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

That is not all the information the site holds. The website also tells bettors that for mobile sports betting, remote registration is allowed. How sports betting is taxed is also explained. The Virginia Lottery essentially gives bettors a thorough heads up on what sports betting will look like in the state.

It is not just bettors who have information available to them. Potential sportsbook license holders can get just as well equipped with the right knowledge. Dates for when public hearing committees will be conducted and when regulations will be voted on can be found on the website.

Sports betting license requirements, taxation, and much more needed information is on the website for potential sports betting license holders.

Having all these facts in an easy to access the website will help eliminate confusion for anyone who has an interest in Virginia sports betting. Thanks to the site, the general public in Virginia is much more knowledgeable about what to expect throughout this year and the next.

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