Sports Bet Montana has launched

  • Sports Bet Montana has launched in the Treasure State.
  • The sports betting market in the state is projected to see $5 million in annual revenue.

HELENA, Mont.The Montana Lottery has launched Sports Bet Montana with the help of sports betting operator INTRALOT.

Montana legalized sports betting in May 2019 and gambling on sporting events can be done using self-service kiosks provided by the Montana Lottery at various retail locations or using the internet and mobile platforms to place bets.

The Launch

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the sports world for a loop and stopped many events from happening.

Sportsbooks have had to get creative with their betting lines and wagers to stay in business.

INTRALOT will be the sole provider of all bets for the sports betting market in the Treasure State. Despite it being a unique time for a launch of a sportsbook, both the Montana Lottery and INTRALOT are excited about the new addition to the state that is Sports Bet Montana.

“INTRALOT has technology innovation at the center of its strategy and is powered by a portfolio of next-generation solutions designed to deliver unparalleled and engaging player experiences while driving operational efficiencies for our lottery and gaming customers. I am looking forward to the successful operation of the new sports betting solution in Montana that will help the Lottery attract a new demographic of players and maximize sales growth,” said Dr. Chris Dimitriadis, INTRALOT Group CEO.

Not only will INTRALOT be in charge of providing all sports betting information and lines for both the terminals and online platforms with their Orion sports wagering technology, but they will also service the Montana Lottery with their Managed Trading and Marketing Services (MTMS) and Customer Support (CS).

NASCAR bets and UFC bets are currently trending among bettors in Montana to become the most popular wagers as these events are either happening or scheduled to occur soon.

The sports betting platform also has a large amount of futures bets available for sports betting enthusiasts to bet on.

“It’s an exciting time for the Montana Lottery,” said Byron Boothe, INTRALOT US Interim CEO. “With the introduction of legalized sports wagering under the Lottery, INTRALOT will leverage its world-class resources and technology to provide the best-possible sports betting experience for Montanans. Most importantly, we are excited to provide the Montana Lottery with a complete solution to maximize sports wagering revenues and return to the state’s general fund and to the school scholarship fund for science and technology learning”.

The Montana Lottery has stated they are happy with the legal sports betting platform they created with the help of INTRALOT.

Their creation was made fully with the wants and needs of the Montana sports bettor in mind.

Revenue is expected to be around $5 million that will help the general fund and school scholarship fund in the state. Once the Coronavirus stops plaguing the world of sports, Sports Bet Montana is slated to see greater interest by residents, especially when the NFL season rolls around.

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