Kentucky Derby Gate

  • Zandon has joined Epicenter as the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby with +400 odds.
  • There have been 9 winners crowned from gate 10.
  • Since 2000, 10 winners have come between gates 5-10.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Kentucky Derby is just days away as it will take place on Saturday, May 7 from Louisville, Kentucky at the famous Churchill Downs racecourse. Just recently though, some odds for the race have shifted as the starting gates were announced.

Some notable gate pulls include Epicenters at Gate 3, Zandon at Gate 10, Messier at Gate 6, and Taiba at Gate 12. With Zandon getting gate 10, online sportsbooks were quick to shift his odds as gate 10 has been hot since the start of opening gate positions.

2022 Kentucky Derby Odds

  • 3. Epicenter +400
  • 10. Zandon +400
  • 6. Messier +800
  • 12. Taiba +800
  • 1. Mo Donegal +1000
  • 8. Charge It +1200
  • 15. White Abarrio +1200
  • 5. Smile Happy +1600

The Rise Of Zandon

Zandon’s Kentucky Derby odds were listed at +800 just a week ago before they eventually dropped to +400 after drawing a Gate 10 starting position.

This comes as Gate 10 is the second-winningest gate in the history of the Kentucky Derby with nine wins since the implementation of the starting gate back in 1930.

Zandon has also had a nice streak going in his career which backs his odds after finishing in the top-3 in all four races while coming in first in two of them.

Gates 5-10 Standing Strong

In recent years, horses that have pulled between gates 5-10 have come out on top 10 times since 2000. In the 2022 Kentucky Derby, the horses between those positions include Smile Happy (5), Messier (6), Crown Pride (7), Charge It (8), Tiz The Bomb (9), and Zandon (10).

When looking to bet on these horses and take advantage of this hot streak, there is a way to come out profitable on five of the six horses no matter what size unit is used even after accounting for the losses on the other horses.

Starting with Smile Happy, he sits with +1600 odds which would pay out $1,600 on a $100 bet. After accounting for the $500 lost on the other five horses, the payout would be $1,100.

Messier would payout $300 at +800 odds, Crown Pride at +2800 would see $2,300, Charge It’s +1200 odds would pay out $700, and Tiz The Bomb would profit $1,700 with +2200 odds. The only horse to not turn a profit would be Zandon, the favorite.

Gates 5 & 15 Pulling Heat

In that time since 2000, Gates 5 and 15 alone have accumulated eight total wins between each other. Gate 5 won in the years 2002, 2003, 2014, and 2017 while 15 won in 2000, 2013, 2015, and 2020.

The horses that pulled those gates this year are Smile Happy (5) with +1600 odds and White Abarrio (15) with +1200 odds.

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