• There are now 25 members that are a part of iDEA Growth.
  • iDEA Growth wants to create a unified voice to advocate for mobile sports betting.
  • iDEA Growth wants to make sure that mobile sports betting is included in sports betting bills.

WASHINGTON – As of Monday, Kindred Group is an official member of iDEA Growth.

What Does iDEA Growth Do?

iDEA Growth is a trade association that represents online gaming. They have been focusing on mobile sports betting ever since 2013 when New Jersey introduced their iGaming bill. iDEA Growth wants to be the unifying voice to lobby lawmakers about mobile sports betting.

“With iDEA Growth members representing every vertical in mobile gaming, we have built an effective lobbying force to support federal legislation that is backed by facts and demonstrates data integrity. To educate state lawmakers on the financial benefits and to ensure the best consumer gaming experience that is safe and regulated,” said Jeff Ifrah, founder of iDEA Growth.

To do this, they have amassed a total of 25 different gaming partners to unify the mobile sports betting industry. Partners such as DraftKings and SBTech are a part of iDEA Growth. With these different groups, iDEA Growth can create a clear and consistent message.An example of this is that iDEA Growth has drafted model sports betting bills. The bills they have created are based on what the group has learned from New Jersey. iDEA Growth has also lobbied lawmakers in Illinois, New York, and other states as well. Kindred Group will now add their voice to iDEA Growth.

“Kindred Group is delighted to join iDEA and contribute more than 20 years of experience gained from global markets. We have continuously advocated for fact-based policymaking, and with our core focus on sustainability and responsible gambling, we believe we can make a meaningful contribution to iDEA,” said Liv Biesemans, Group Deputy General Counsel of Kindred Group.

Right now, there are only 10 states whose Congress is still in session with a chance at legal sports betting. iDEA Growth will likely use this time to lobby those states and create plans for the other states.

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