KS SB 283 is close to making Kansas sports betting a reality.

  • The Senate passed KS SB 283 to legalize sports betting in Kansas last week but it is not up to par with what Governor Laura Kelly expects.
  • The House has time to make changes to the bill before passing it to the Governor’s desk for signature.
  • Another bill to legalize gambling on sporting events has recently surfaced in the form of KS HB 2671.

TOPEKA, Kan.Bill KS SB 283 that passed in the Senate last week still needs the signature of Governor Laura Kelly to make sports betting legal in Kansas.

A quick run through the House is required before the 10-day period opens for the Governor’s signature. There are a few things within the bill that would require changes if sports betting in Kansas was to be made legal by this piece of legislation.

Changes For KS SB 283

In its current state, the Governor does not agree with the terms in KS SB 283. The reason behind Kelly’s lack of interest in signing the bill is due to the amount of revenue tax that is stated within it.

The Governor would like to see more tax revenue from the sports betting market than what has been passed in the Senate.

Currently, KS SB 283 asks for a tax rate of 7.5% on all retail sports betting while there is an internet platform rate of 10%. While Kelly is unhappy with the tax rates set in the bill, gaming companies such as Penn National Gaming are elated by this factor.

The business stated that the tax rates within KS SB 283 are competitive rates when compared to neighboring states allowing for operators to thrive in the sports gambling market.

Another Bill On The Table

KS HB 2671 a House bill to legalize sports betting in Kansas has more favorable odds of being signed by Governor Kelly. The bill was drawn up with the help of the Governor’s office.

The tax rate for retail sports betting revenue is set at 14% while the mobile wagering platform has a rate of 20%. These numbers are more in line with what the Governor would like to see in potential revenue for the state.

Problems With Both Bills

KS SB 283 would need to be amended in the House and raise tax rates before moving to the Governor Kelly’s desk for signature. The process would be quick if the House adopted the necessary changes within the bill.

As for KS HB 2671, it will have a hearing on March 11. But along with higher tax rates comes the potentially problematic issue of allowing for over 1,200 lottery retailers in the state to offer sports betting along with the state’s four commercial casinos.

That’s a lot of access to wagering on sports in Kansas and could cause problems in the future.

The Bottom Line

“Sports wagering is something that many people within the state would like to see pass,” said John Goodyear, an attorney with the League of Kansas Municipalities. “It is foreseeable that more people will be making their way to these facilities, increasing the burden on local government entities.”

If KS HB 2671 gains traction, it may have a fighting chance in the Committees. If the House makes the changes Governor Kelly wishes to see for KS SB 283, then she would most likely sign the bill into law.

She has 10 days to sign after it’s been submitted with the changes by the House to make sports betting legal in the Sunflower State.

The legislative session in Kansas ends on April 3. Should KS SB 283 be vetoed, the Kansas Legislature reconvenes on April 27 to discuss all bills vetoed by the Governor to see what can be done.

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