South Carolina Legislature

  • South Carolina could have a legal sports betting industry by the Fall of 2022 if all goes favorably in the state.
  • A study group will research the effects that the legalization of sportsbooks would have on the economy of the Palmetto State in 2021.
  • After the results of the study have been brought to the attention of lawmakers, it could pave the way for a legal sports wagering market launch in South Carolina for 2022.

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Sports bettors in South Carolina may be happy to learn that lawmakers are suggesting bills be heard by the South Carolina Legislature in 2021 that would make sports betting legal for the Palmetto State the following year.

While many bills are expected to address legalizing some form of sports wagering or gambling industry in the state, the one that is making the most noise prior to the start of the session is House Joint Resolution 3395.

SC HJR 3395 is a pre-filed piece of legislation that calls for an amendment to the state’s constitution. The amendment would add a section to the documents making clear that various forms of gambling including betting on sports matches would no longer be against the law.

More detail for the particular kinds of games and areas in the state that would be eligible to provide these platforms to residents would be written within the constitution as it pertains to gaming should the bill pass through the legislative process.

What To Look Out For In 2021 For SC Gambling Talks

A committee will be put together to research the pros and cons of a legal sports betting in the Palmetto State in the new year. This is not that first time nor will it be the last where a state has required a committee be called to properly study the effects that a potential sports gaming industry would have on their economy to help lawmakers better decide on the fate of making the market a legal one.

In its current form, SC HJR 3395 does not name collegiate wagering as a part of the package but does mention professional sports organizations. South Carolina is not home to any professional teams and has a much larger college sports fanbase.

When discussions begin, this will be one of the factors that will be gone over as plenty of South Carolinians would love to place money on the Clemson Tigers football team should sportsbooks be made legally available in the state.

Further Down The Line

The findings of the research committee will not be finished until the 2022 session of the South Carolina Legislature is set to begin. From that point, the long-loved pastime of the United States can become a legal one for the people of South Carolina during the 2022 session.

If this happens, the earliest that South Carolina sportsbooks would be seen in the Palmetto State would be by the start of the football season in 2022.

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