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  • Offseason drama and a difficult schedule make the Arizona Cardinals unlikely to reach their win total.
  • The Atlanta Falcons have a low win total set, but may not even reach that.
  • An easy schedule and likely improvement in their divisional play make the over on the Baltimore Ravens a valuable bet.

PHOENIX – The 2022 NFL schedule will be released on May 12th, but online sportsbooks have already provided totals of 31 NFL teams (sorry Cleveland Browns fans).

2022 opponents are known based on a series of factors from the previous season. Every team plays every other team within their division twice.

Teams also play four games against another division from their conference, four games against another division outside of their conference, and one game against an opponent from the same conference that isn’t their own division or the prescheduled conference.

That leaves two divisions in the conference and the teams are based on divisional standings and then one more non-conference game determined by divisional standings in 2021.

Going alphabetically, the Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, and the Baltimore Ravens all have some very interesting win totals set.

Cardinal’s, Falcon’s, and Raven’s Win Totals

Team Total Over Odds Under Odds
Arizona Cardinals 9 +110 -145
Atlanta Falcons 5 +110 -145
Baltimore Ravens 9.5 -160 +120

Arizona Cardinal’s Win Total

The Arizona Cardinals have had a fairly tumultuous offseason: Kyler Murray contract drama, Deandre Hopkin’s suspension, and the departure of 2021 Pro-Bowl outside linebacker Chandler Jones and starting wide receiver Christian Kirk.

They did eventually trade for former Raven’s wide receiver Marquise Brown, but many analysts feel that they may have given up too much and that he is not up to the task of replacing Kirk and Hopkins.

Despite all that drama, NFL sportsbooks have their win total set at nine wins. Their division looks to have two strong contenders, with projected win totals above the Cardinals, but they also have to play a second-place schedule.

NFC West Team 2021 Record 2022 Win Total 2021 Divisional Record
Arizona Cardinals 11-6 9 4-2
Los Angeles Rams 12-5 10.5 3-3
San Francisco 49ers 10-7 10 2-4
Seattle Seahawks 7-10 6.5 3-3

As if things didn’t look bad enough, Arizona also gets to look forward to facing the entire AFC West (Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Las Vegas Raiders).

With -145 odds for the under, there appears to be plenty of value in betting the under for the Arizona Cardinal’s win total.

Atlanta Falcons Win Total

The Atlanta Falcons traded away franchise icon Matt Ryan to the Indianapolis Colts as they now look to begin their full-on rebuild. This is a team that is not built to win right away and has three teams who have their sites set on making the playoffs.

NFC South Team 2021 Record 2022 Win Total 2021 Divisional Record
Atlanta Falcons 7-10 5 2-4
Carolina Panthers 5-10 6 2-4
New Orleans Saints 9-8 7.5 4-2
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-4 11.5 4-2

Playing the Bucs twice with Tom Brady back may not be fun, the Saints just traded next year’s first-round pick so they fancy themselves contenders, and Panther’s head coach Matt Rhule is already fighting for his job so he will be pulling out all the stops to avoid losing to the 2022 Atlanta Falcons.

With the very real possibility they go 0-6 in their division in mind, and dates with both 2021 Super Bowl participants on the schedule, even getting to five wins may be a stretch for Falcon’s bettors.

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals offseasons had two similar characteristics: drama surrounding their quarterback’s contracts and they were the orchestrators of the Marquise Brown trade.

Despite those similarities, betting the over on the Raven’s win total on legal sports betting sites makes more sense than the over for the Cardinals.

The Ravens have a 1-5 record against the AFC North in 2022, a stark contrast from their first and second-place finish within the division the previous two seasons.

With the Steelers operating with either a rookie quarterback or Mitchell Trubisky, and the Browns quarterback situation uncertain because of a looming Deshaun Watson suspension, it seems likely that the Ravens see a major boost within their division.

AFC North Team 2021 Record 2022 Win Total 2021 Divisional Record
Baltimore Ravens 8-9 9.5 1-5
Cincinnati Bengals 10-7 10 4-2
Cleveland Browns 8-9 N/A 3-3
Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7-1 7.5 4-2

That incoming improvement, and their last-place schedule they will play, make the over the best bet for Baltimore Ravens’ total bettors.

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