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  • New Jersey may have an in-state college sports betting market in 2021.
  • Legislation that would allow the current laws to be amended to include collegiate wagers for New Jersey schools is being heard by lawmakers.
  • The already lucrative sports wagering industry of the Garden State could exceed their current financial records if they include NJ college betting to enter the game.

TRENTON, N.J. – The New Jersey Legislature is reconsidering legislation that would allow for in-state college wagers. Currently, the sports betting laws of the Garden State prohibit gambling on New Jersey college sporting events. ACR200 was heard on Wednesday by the Assembly Tourism, Gaming, and the Arts Committee where it passed by a vote of 7 YEAS and 0 NAYS.

What The Proposal Brings To New Jersey Sportsbooks

ACR200 would amend the constitution of the state to allow NJ sportsbooks the opportunity to take bets on college sports nationwide. At the present time, all in-state college matchups are prohibited. However, any changes to the gambling industry for New Jersey requires an amendment to the constitution as this is seen as an expansion of the market.

The proposal has now been placed on the desk within the Assembly and the Senate for consideration. There are no dates placed on either chamber’s schedule to hear the bill. However, given that it’s risen from out of nowhere, it is likely to see a favorable outcome for the state’s regulated sports betting industry. The last movement on this measure was in November when it was introduced without further progression.

There is an identical bill in SCR133 that asks for the same thing but the last time this proposal saw action was in November when the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee passed it by a vote of 11 YEAS and 0 NAYS. Since then, it has been awaiting any hearing by the Assembly or the Senate, since it was placed on the desk of both after its approval.

Each bill received unanimous votes in favor of passage to give the Garden State collegiate sports betting. There is no denying that New Jersey has an extremely successful sports wagering market but proponents argue it could become even more lucrative if hometown college sports were posted up on sportsbooks with betting lines. Tons of fans for Rutgers, Princeton, and Seton Hall among others all want to put action in on the games but have to do so elsewhere at the moment.

What’s Ahead For New Jersey

The New Jersey Legislature has hearings through the end of June. Either of these bills could be approved and implemented before the start of the college football season.

New Jersey sports betting is estimated to see a spike in activity if they allowed their residents to gamble on in-state college games. Fans of the teams will know by the summer whether they’ll be able to use their local sportsbook for betting on the matchups or if they’ll need to continue to use other outlets for wagering on their favorite college teams.

However, the fact that ACR200 was resurrected from the dead is a good sign that a future passage is on the way.

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