Intralot is the lottery and sports betting provider for both Washington D.C. and for Montana.
Idaho generated its highest amount of lottery revenue since it was first introduced in the state in 1989.

BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho lottery marks their 30th anniversary in operation this year and over time has generated millions for the state. Over the three-decade span, the lottery has transferred a total of $906 million and this year marks the highest amount transferred in a single year at $60 million.

The milestone was achieved through a long partnership with lottery gaming supplier, Intralot, who congratulated the state on its gaming success.

“The entire Lottery should feel proud of how much they’ve accomplished over the last 30 years, and especially this year with the largest return to the state to date,” said Byron Boothe, Interim CEO of INTRALOT, Inc.

“We’re looking forward to providing new ways of fun and entertainment for Idaho players, and to continue to provide to one of our most valued customers. Most importantly, we’re excited about generating revenue for the State of Idaho.”

Could Idaho Sports Betting Be Next?

One of those new ways could come in the form of legal sports betting. Intralot provides facility management and technology for 12 state lotteries in the US including neighboring state Montana and Washington D.C.

Montana and Washington D.C. both recently legalized sports wagering within their territories and assigned Intralot to handle their sports betting platforms. This move was done in part to ensure that the state and local government can get the highest return on all sports betting activity.

The Oregon Lottery, while currently not partnered with Intralot, also plans to launch sportsbooks later this year through both their partnered retail locations and through a statewide mobile sports wagering app.

Other states, such as Rhode Island, have put their lottery commission in charge of overseeing all sports betting activity. They then set a high tax rate on their casino sportsbooks in order to gain the most returns on the added amenity from their relatively low population.

Whether or not Idaho would want to pursue any of these routes remains in question. There have been no Idaho sports betting bills introduced in the state legislature yet.

However, the impact of how Intralot’s sports wagering operations perform in Montana and how the Oregon Lottery’s sports betting platforms perform may change Idaho lawmaker’s stance on the issue.

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