NBA Draft

  • The Detroit Pistons have won the number one pick for the upcoming 2021 NBA Draft.
  • The NBA Draft greatly impacts NBA futures odds.
  • Between trades and drafting, teams’ odds can drastically change through the draft.

DETROIT – The NBA Draft Lottery has concluded, and the Detroit Pistons have won the number one pick in the draft.

Historically, the NBA Draft has directly impacted future odds for teams. Whether it be teams drafting potential franchise-changing superstars or trading their picks for veteran players, their odds are directly affected by the draft.

NBA betting fans should pay close attention to the draft. Not only for who is getting picked, but also how teams package draft picks into blockbuster trades. The NBA Draft is a great resource for futures betting.

Draft Shifting Odds

One major example of the direct impact the draft has on NBA Finals betting was in 2019 when the New Orleans Pelicans odds shifted following receiving the number one pick.

Prior to this, New Orleans had +12500 longshot odds to win the championship. Once they won the draft, however, the Pelicans’ odds instantly dropped to +5500.

Zion Williamson was the projected number one pick in the draft that season and betting fans expected the stud to have an immediate impact on the rebuilding team.

The following season, number one pick of the 2020 NBA Draft Anthony Edwards shortened the Minnesota Timberwolves odds from +50000 to +20000 and number three pick LaMelo Ball shortened the Charlotte Hornets odds from +50000 to +250000.

A similar effect may occur with the Detroit Pistons’ first pick. The projected number one pick is Cade Cunningham who dominated with the Oklahoma State Cowboys this season.

2021 NBA Draft 1st Overall Pick Odds

  • C. Cunningham -10000
  • J. Suggs +2000
  • E. Mobley +1500
  • J. Green +1000
  • J. Kuminga +3000
  • S. Barnes +5000
  • K. Johnson +5000
  • J. Johnson +6600
  • M. Moody +8000
  • D. Mitchell +8000

Cunningham averaged 20.1 PPG, 6.2 RPG, 3.5 AST, all while shooting 43.8% from the field and 40.0% from three.

His impact will surely directly affect longshot futures odds on NBA Finals betting at online sportsbooks, should Detroit keep the pick and draft Cunningham.

It has been reported that the Pistons are open to trading the number one pick ahead of the draft, which could also affect betting lines going forward as well.

Outside of the picks themselves, many blockbuster trades involving draft picks have shaken the NBA, and affected betting lines at legal sports betting sites.

Big Draft Trades

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most recent example of a team’s odds shifting heavily following trading a top pick. After receiving the number four pick in the 2019 NBA Draft, LA packaged that pick into a blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis.

Following this, the Lakers’ odds instantly moved from +1800 to +335 at sportsbooks worldwide. Los Angeles immediately became favorites to win the title and went on to do so at the end of the season.

In 2015, LeBron James returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs won the number one pick in the draft that season.

While LeBron joining Cleveland is certainly a factor as to why their odds shortened from +3300 to +400, the Cavs did also trade that number one pick to the Minnesota Timberwolves to get Kevin Love.

With this upcoming draft, there is one team in particular that could make a move with their lottery picks and see their odds shift heavily at online sportsbooks.

The Golden State Warriors have both the number seven and 14 picks in the draft. Golden State also has young moveable assets in Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman.

Golden State could easily package these draft picks into veteran players that would overall improve their team. This could see their odds shorten drastically at online sportsbooks.

Hypothetically, the Warriors could trade these picks to a team like the Philadelphia 76ers for disgraced guard Ben Simmons who would fit perfectly with the shooters in Golden State.

They could also trade for Karl Anthony Towns in Minnesota, who would also fit perfectly in Golden State and surely push sports betting fans to placing action at online sportsbooks. Bradley Beal on the Washington Wizards is another potential target for the Warriors.

None of these are definite, but longshot betting fans may want to pay close attention to any rumors surrounding Golden State and their lottery picks.

Draft Day Incoming

The NBA Draft will kick off on Thursday, July 19. Between now and the draft, expect many trades to be made, several rumors to break, and odds to shift drastically at online sportsbooks.

If you are an NBA Futures betting fan who likes to get in on the action early, then the NBA Draft is the perfect basis to begin betting around.

Teams can completely change their odds at online sportsbooks with the moves they make surrounding the draft. Every draft the odds shift, and the 2021 NBA Draft will be no different. The NBA Draft can help longshot betting fans cash in big on futures betting.

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