The Moneyline sportsbook lounge is now open at the MGM Grand.

  • The new sports lounge is named Moneyline.
  • Sports betting is not legal yet in Michigan.
  • Michigan lawmakers hope that bettors in the state can bet on the 2020 Super Bowl.

DETROIT – MGM Grand Detroit has opened up its new Moneyline sports lounge on Tuesday.

Moneyline will be fashioned like many sportsbooks appearing around the United States. There are 60 TV’s in the lounge and ample seating as well. The lounge has a full bar and 14 video poker machines. The Moneyline sports lounge does emulate sportsbooks in terms of aesthetics.

The important thing to note is that sports betting will not take place in the Moneyline lounge. Legal sports betting is not available in Michigan yet. But lawmakers in Michigan are looking to change that in the near future.

“I’m looking to get this done as soon as possible, so if you could place a bet on the Super Bowl in 2020, that would be my goal,” said Brandt Iden, a Michigan House representative.

Rep. Iden is the sponsor of MI HB 4311 which is a bill that aims to legalize sports betting. This bill would legalize not only retail sports betting but mobile wagering as well. The bill was first formally introduced back in early March. However, the bill has not moved at all since mid-March.

But there is still time for sports betting to become legal in Michigan. The legislative session for the state meets throughout the entire year. But we are in mid-October now and 2019 is starting to wrap up.

“I hope to be able to get this across the finish line by the end of the year, give something to the governor desk that she can accept and I want to work with the administration to make sure we get the right policy,” said Rep. Iden.

It’s not just Rep. Iden who wants sports betting legalized in Michigan. MGM Grand Detroit president Michael Neubecker also has an interest in sports betting.

“Sports betting is taking place illegally. So, we think it’s kind of a win-win to get it through the regulated channels, the state benefits from a taxation standpoint, we benefit from a business standpoint and its jobs,” said Neubecker.

For now, sports betting is not legal in Michigan. There is still time in the year to legalize sports betting for the state. It is possible that the new Moneyline lounge could turn into a sportsbook if sports betting is legalized.

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