The Michigan Senate Passes Sports Betting Bill that is waiting for the governor's signature.

  • The internet gambling and sports wagering markets are estimated to bring the state of Michigan millions of dollars annually.
  • Initially, there was hesitation by the state as they thought legalization would hinder the revenue received by the Michigan Lottery that helps in school funding.
  • The Governor is expected to sign these bills into law which would have the state seeing legalized gambling in various forms beginning in 2020.

LANSING, Mich.– Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has received sports betting and internet gambling bills on her desk as the state legislature passed them on Wednesday.

Nine out of ten bills were approved by the Michigan House. The tenth bill that did not receive approval had to do with rules about legal fantasy sports violations. Due to a technical error in the bill, it did not move forward but is slated to get to the governor sometime in January.

Legal Gambling In Michigan In 2020

The bills first had to be passed through the House, which occurred last week. They went onto the state’s Senate floor for a vote and was passed 35-3 in favor of them. Now they have made their way to the desk of the governor who is expected to sign them into law.

“As I understand the bills, I plan to sign them,” said Whitmer. Once Whitmer has placed her signature on the bills, they will become state law and should take anywhere between two to three months to have all of the rules and regulations set into place before rolling it out the public.

This would mean that Michigan could have legalized internet gambling and sports betting by March 2020.

During the time when regulations and rules are being set into motion, the public hopes that lawmakers will keep children in mind when it comes to accessing internet gambling. All of this will begin to take shape once the bills have become law.

The state’s lottery is no longer a sense of hesitation as the people have realized lottery players will always be lottery players. Michigan sports betting fans and avid casino gamers will have something extra to celebrate in 2020 when they can finally wager on their favorite teams or play their favorite games legally.

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