• The first part of the Last Dance will premiere on ESPN Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.
  • Oddsmakers say the Last Dance documentary has +300 odds to win an Emmy.
  • Michael Jordan has +120 odds to be pictured crying during the documentary.

CHICAGO — The highly anticipated documentary “The Last Dance”, which highlights the Chicago Bulls dynasty in its final days, is set to premiere on ESPN this Sunday. Even though the documentary highlights Jordan’s last season, it is expected to take viewers through his whole career featuring exclusive interviews from Jordan, his rivals, and teammates.

The 10-part series is expected to be shown on ESPN every Sunday until May 17 which is when the last episode will debut. The series was originally slated for a June release but pressure from some notable athletes including LeBron James may have shifted the mindset of everyone.

The episodes will be released in pairs and ESPN has made sure to give sports starved viewers an extended look at the documentary.

BetOnline has listed odds on different aspects of the documentary. Of all the odds listed, there are three NBA betting props that bettors should consider placing a bet on before the documentary airs on Sunday.

“The Last Dance” Betting Props

When Will Air Jordan Logo be Seen?

  • After 10 minutes (-200)
  • Before 10 minutes (+150)

The Air Jordan logo is what has propelled the Jordan Brand to where it is now and is easily one of the most recognizable logos in all of sports. Although this prop requires bettors to throw a dart in the dark, taking the +150 odds on seeing the Jordan logo before the 10-minute mark in the documentary is a bet that should be taken with confidence. Winner: Before 10 minutes (+150). It’s almost impossible to tell the story of Jordan at any capacity without showing that famous dunk or that logo. Take the odds on the logo being seen before the 10-minute mark of the premiere and a nice return on that bet should be headed your way.

Will “The Last Dance” win an Emmy Award?

  • No (-170)
  • Yes (+300)

“The Last Dance” will certainly have a huge audience as no other major sporting events are competing with the documentary for viewers. Sports films have recently had some success at the Emmy’s so Jordan’s documentary winning the award cannot be ruled out. The “Yes” option for this prop is what should be wagered at sportsbooks especially with +300 odds, as those could become shorter as more and more episodes are released. Winner: Yes (+300). Take the chance on the +300 being the longest odds this prop will see which potentially means this will be the biggest profit to be made on this bet.

Will Michael Jordan Cry?

  • Yes (+120)
  • No (-160)

Michael Jordan was one of the most ruthless NBA players we’ve ever seen and that persona won’t carry as he relieves the best moments of his career. Expect Jordan to cry at least once during this documentary as there will be some touchy subjects brought up in this film especially regarding the death of Michael’s father in 1993. Winner: Yes (+120). Expect to see some emotion from Jordan throughout this documentary as we get a look into the NBA stars life that we haven’t seen before.

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