Four Winds Casino

  • Sports betting is now offered at the Four Winds Michigan casinos.
  • Steve McMichael made the ceremonial opening bet on Monday.
  • Players will have to wait for 2021 for mobile sports betting

NEW BUFFALO, Mich.The Four Winds casino locations in Michigan have officially launched sports betting on Monday.

Now there are sportsbooks available for bettors at the Four Winds Dowagiac, Hartford, and New Buffalo.

With the potential return of the major professional sports on the horizon, the opening of the sportsbook came at a perfect time for gamblers and sports betting operators.

“I love it. One, we are able to place bets on sports coming back, right, that’s huge,” said Brian Waterkotte, Marketing Consultant for ESPN. “And two, to be able to legally gamble and not have to back door it is great… Half of everything you watch sports-wise is built for the gambler. With the spreads and the lines, it’s humongous. So the fact it took this long to happen is kind of a surprise.”

The casinos’ launch of sports betting came with an interesting ceremonial first bet by the two-time Super Bowl champ and legend Steve McMichael.

The sportsbook is operated by Kambi and it was announced earlier this month that they would be partnering with all of the Four Winds Casinos.

In-person legal sports betting officially began only four months ago in the state and the casinos are excited to give their customers this new opportunity.

“There’s a huge audience of folks that like to place a bet on a ball game,” said Frank Freedman, Four Winds COO. “Whatever you like, there’s so many different sports. So it’s one more add for us. Hopefully as we get beyond [COVID-19], it’s this foundation that we’re building here that will continue to grow.”

Mobile sports betting is not yet available in the state and Four Winds gamblers will have to wait until 2021 for a mobile sportsbook option.

Michigan Sportsbook COVID Protocols

The Four Winds casinos have a COVID-19 Safety and Sanitation Plan outlining what procedures they have put in place for the protection of their guest and staff.

The guide that is posted on their website states protocols such as enforced limited occupancy, requiring all guests to wear a protective mask, entry temperature checks, symptom screenings, and more.

The casinos are working hard to create a safe space for guests to enjoy the newly available sportsbooks in Michigan.

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