Michigan offers free problem gambling services

  • The stress of not having a gambling outlet to have may make problem gambling issues worse.
  • The state of Michigan is offering free problem gambling services even during the pandemic.

LANSING, Mich. – For those experiencing problem gambling issues in Michigan, the state is continuing to offer free problem gambling services.

The state of Michigan has always offered free problem gambling services to those who have needed it. Despite the ongoing COIVD-19 (coronavirus) pandemic that is going on, the state continues to offer such services.

Stress And Gambling

It is undoubtable that the coronavirus pandemic is causing stress for people all over the United States.

Those who are experiencing such stresses may turn to sports betting and other forms of gambling to relieve that stress. However, all the casinos and sportsbooks in Michigan are currently closed.

Although it is possible to still gamble, the lack of options is likely to cause even more distress to those with gambling problems in Michigan. Being unable to gamble like normal will likely cause more problems for those who are suffering from gambling addiction.

Because of that, the state of Michigan wants to remind people that problem gambling services are still operational.

“We know that even with decreased opportunities for gambling, stress and anxiety can increase the urge to gamble for someone who struggles with a gambling addiction,” said Alia Lucas, Gambling Disorder Program specialist with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “Despite social distancing-related closures, online and sports betting remain concerns, and we want community members to know there is help for anyone trying to manage urges to gamble.”

People who are suffering from problem gambling use gaming to escape certain feelings. Loneliness, boredom, and worries are some reasons why people gamble. These emotions can increase during a pandemic where gamblers are forced to stay home.

The state of Michigan wants to help these people as much as possible.

It is possible that during this global pandemic, many problem gamblers will start to seek the help that they need. However, it is also likely that things will be worse for problem gamblers before they start to get better.

Due to these reasons, the state of Michigan is taking all precautions and ensuring that help is still available no matter what is going on in the world right now.

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