Sportsbooks post odds on MLB season returning

  • The MLB regular season has -500 odds of happening this year.
  • MLB owners have already approved a plan for an 82-game regular season with a target date set for July the MLBPA has yet to agree with a plan.
  • Negotiations between the MLB owners and the MLBPA are expected to continue into June.

NEW YORK — The Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season was supposed to be well underway by now but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the season has been postponed.

The coronavirus causing a delay in the MLB’s regular season has led to the owners and MLBPA negotiating a return to play plan for the league.

MLB owners have already approved a plan for an 82-game regular season starting in July.

However, the initial plan wasn’t received well by the MLB Players Association. The players union will have to agree to any proposal made by the owners for there to be an MLB season at all.

Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer voiced his frustrations with the negotiations regarding the MLB’s proposed return to play plan in a tweet.

Despite the current stalemate in negotiations, the MLB regular season is expected to begin at some point this year without fans in attendance.

Oddsmakers at BetOnline posted a prop with -500 odds on there being an MLB regular season this year.

Will there be an MLB regular season?

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

Although the MLBPA was not happy with the first offer there is too much money at stake for both sides to not have a regular season.

The MLB players union will continue to negotiate with owners with the hopes that a deal can get done in early June. Even though right now it may seem like the +300 odds at legal sports betting sites on the “No” option for this prop should be avoided at all costs.

Bettors should feel comfortable taking the -500 odds on there being an MLB season simply because the players union and owners will come to an agreement as neither side will want to miss out on the money at stake.

Expect the MLB regular season to begin in July with spring training starting in late June

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