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New rules have been adapted by the Montana Lottery that deal with sports betting.

  • Legal sports betting is progressing in the state of Montana, as rules regarding who can apply for a sports wagering license have been put in place.
  • The licenses will be granted for operators to launch on the Montana Lottery’s betting platform branded as “Sports Bet Montana”.
  • Businesses must get approved to offer sports betting, as the licensing applications can be submitted in December.

HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Lottery approved rules for its new sports betting platform named “Sports Bet Montana” on Thursday. Now, any businesses that has a gambling and alcohol license can apply for a sports betting license next month, should they wish to offer it at their facilities.

There is no set date as to when licensed businesses will be able to offer their patrons sports wagering services.

The Montana Lottery Controls All Sports Betting In State

While the general rules have been put into place such as who will be able to apply for a license, many other factors still need to be hammered out. During the next meeting of the commission, they will have discussions on what kinds of wagers will be allowed to be taken.

Live in-game wagers and parlays are two that are slated to be approved.

Once all of the details have been set up, license holders will still need to wait even further before offering sports betting at their facilities. Due to the Montana Lottery heading up the entire sports wagering operation, they have to provide each location with all the tools to become operational themselves.

This will require the lottery to train providers, the staff, and bettors on how to use the sports betting kiosks that they must install at each licensed location.

Montana Sports Betting Licensing

Earlier this year, Montana legalized sports betting in the state after signing MT HB 725 into law. Under the law, gamblers are allowed to wager on sports either at licensed venues or with the use of their mobile devices.

The mobile betting platforms that can be offered by the facilities have a feature to help bettors track how much they’re betting in an effort to help with those at risk for gambling addiction.

The Montana Lottery will be accepting applications from both casinos and bars or taverns that would like to have a license for Sports Bet Montana services. The rules for licensure state that big city businesses must have their all-beverage liquor license while rural area businesses have to have a beer and wine license.

While these companies can apply for licenses as early as next month, it could still be a long wait before brick and mortar Montana sports betting services are up and running. Should residents have any questions on the issue, lottery officials have provided a customer service number to field all inquiries.

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