• Over $10 million has been wagered at Mountaineer Sportsbook since the start of February.
  • Revenue increased by over 12% month-to-month from April to May at the William Hill Sportsbook.
  • The weekly betting handle at Mountaineer has exceeded half-a-million dollars for seven straight weeks.

NEW CUMBERLAND, W.V. – According to the newest weekly sports wagering update from the West Virginia Lottery, the William Hill Sports Book at the Mountaineer Casino has totaled $16.2 million in their sports betting handle.

This number comes from their late November launch through the inclusion of May’s numbers. With $2.2 million wagered at Mountaineer Casino throughout the month of May, the book is not far off from its previous five-month betting handle average of $2.7 million.

Consistency has been key to the success of the William Hill Sportsbook, as the action has been steady in terms of betting action. Every month that was fully reported has seen anywhere between $2-3.5 million wagered at the venue.

Legal sports betting revenue, hasn’t been as steady though, since the sportsbook’s hold percentage has fluctuated drastically. A few months have seen bettors get the most of the books, posting percentages sub-3.6%; however, May’s 5.04% hold is right in line with the year-to-date average of 5.89%.

As such, the total revenue kept by William Hill Sportsbook (before paying taxes) is nearing $1.4 million since their launch. This has given the state a total of $116,781, where 59% of that came in 2019.

Moving forward into June’s report will include betting action on the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, the French Open, the US Open, and another full month of baseball betting.

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