NBABet Stream

  • NBABet Stream launches to provide betting odds and statistics during the games in Orlando.
  • Tips and analytics will be given by prominent sports betting figures from Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report.
  • NBA League pass members automatically have access to the betting program.

ORLANDO, Fla.– The NBA has gone all-in with sports betting with the launch of its new sports betting focused broadcast NBABet Stream.

The program live streams games from Orlando while prominent betting analyst gives tips and statistics. The live stream also displays odds for the teams during the game. The NBABet Stream broadcast is automatically attached to NBA League Pass and NBA TV subscribers have access as well, giving members even more ways to get in on the action.

NBABet Stream Successful Launch

NBA sports bettors seem to already be embracing the NBABet Stream service as many tuned in during the Denver Nuggets vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder Game.

The real-time odds are provided by BetMGM, which is partnered with the league. The sportsbook also provides live in-game betting odds as well for League Pass customers.

The separate betting focused programming on NBABet Stream will also have its own unique camera angles and commentary throughout the game.

NBABet Stream is planned to run for the remainder of the NBA season in Orlando, with plans to continue the program for the foreseeable future.

The NBA has been embracing sports betting aggressively for months, with many deals being made to further ingratiate the league with the legal sports betting industry.

The league just recently partnered with Yahoo to bring more sports betting options to fans, including VR.

These are just more examples of sports betting becoming more normalized in the sporting world. Odds are even presented prior to games to show which teams have the edge going in.

NBABet Stream is a great companion for legal sports betting and may become the go-to way to watch games for NBA bettors going forward.

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