NBC could be jumping into sports betting after the success of their NBC Sports Predictor app.

  • NBC released its Sports Predictor App in December 2018, originally for soccer fans to win some cash by predicting the outcome of matches.
  • Since the launch, NBC has added more sports and prize money to the Sports Predictor App.
  • FOX already has a sports betting app, showing that networks can exist in the betting market.

NEW YORK – It looks like NBC may be joining the sports betting world after the success of its highly popular Sports Predictor App.

The Sports Predictor App launched in December of 2018, and since then has garnered over 1 million accounts. The app is free and awards prize money to fans who manage to make correct predictions. The app almost works as a precursor to a full-fledged sports betting app.

FOX has a similar predictor app, FOX Sports Super 6, and went on to create the full-fledged sports betting app, FOX Bet.

Sports Predictors Huge Success

The inspiration behind creating the Sports Predictor App came from NBC recognizing the success that the U.K.’s Sky Sports had with their Sky Sports Super 6.

The app was used for fans to earn money by correctly predicting outcomes of matches in the Premier League. Through their partnership with Sky Sports, NBC was able to recognize the clear market for this kind of technology.

When speaking on the decision to launch Sports Predictor, NBC’s director of sports betting content Dan Pozner said “Millions of people play Super 6 every weekend, so we thought it would be a great way to complement our Premier League rights in the U.S.”

The Sports Predictor App was then launched in December 2018 with one contest. Soccer fans had the chance to win cash prizes by predicting the results of five matches in the Premier League.

Since the launch, NBC has added other sports to the Sports Predictor app such as NFL, NASCAR, and the PGA Tour, all sports that air on NBC.

The app has garnered over one million accounts and has given NBC optimism with moving forward into the realm of sports betting. Over 50% of users play more than one game and on average check the app seven times a week.

Other Networks In Sports Betting

NBC wouldn’t be the first network to throw its hat in the sports betting arena. FOX has a similar predictor app known as FOX Sports Super 6 as well as the sports betting app FOX Bet.

FOX has seen success with their FOX Bet app, currently being live in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As they are the networks who air the sporting events, it makes sense for NBC and FOX to want to get in on the sports betting action.

Other networks have also begun making moves into the legal sports betting industry. ESPN has recently struck a content-based deal with Caesars Entertainment. Turner Sports and Bleacher Report also struck a similar sports betting content deal with the gambling giant.

This is just the early stages of networks getting in on the sports betting craze. NBC likely won’t want to miss out on all the potential revenue with the increase in wagering on sports across the U.S.

Sports Betting Making Billions

It is estimated by Delloite that sports betting dollars could reach up to $287 billion by 2021 with total sportsbook revenue topping $4.6 billion. Currently, the industry has reached $4.9 billion with $800 million in sportsbook revenue.

The future of sports betting is a bright one. Users of NBC’s Sports Predictor App will have to wait and see how far NBC will go.

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