• NESN will air gaming content by partnering with VSiN
  • Sports betting is still not legal in Massachusetts
  • Could generate more interest in sports betting in the state

BOSTON – The New England Sports Network (NESN) has partnered with the Vegas States and Information Network (VSiN) to provide sports betting content on their network.

NESN will air the VSiN show “Follow the Money” gambling talk show on weekdays. The show is focused on gambling content. This will be the networks first attempt to air gambling content to its viewers. This is largely happening due to the increasing popularity of sports betting in the United States.

More Networks Wants To Air Sports Betting Content

After the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was repealed by the Supreme Court in mid-2018, states are free to decide themselves if they want to provide sports betting. Some states have already opened up sportsbooks while many more have bills drafted to legalize sports wagering.

New England Sports Network

This increased interest in sports gambling has made networks interested in providing more sports betting content for viewers. Fox Sports 1 and ESPN are other networks that are currently airing sports betting shows. As sports gambling is spreading across the country and is becoming more accepted, other networks are expected to join in.

Generating Interest In Massachusetts

Although NESN is going to air sports betting shows on their network, betting on sports is not legal and it is unregulated by Massachusetts. But that doesn’t mean lawmakers are not working on it. There are at least 12 bills being discussed by lawmakers.

It is more than likely that the new NESN show will air before sports betting is legalized in Massachusetts. Once the show begins to air, the network said that it will generate more interest in Massachusetts for sports betting.

Good For Red Sox As Well

The Fenway Sports Group owns both NESN and the Boston Red Sox. They believe that the “Follow the Money” show is an excellent starting point for their group. NESN Vice President Rich Jaffe said that if sports betting becomes legalized in Massachusetts, they will want to air a show based on a casino in the state.

This is beneficial for the Fenway Sports Group because as NESN develops more shows centered around sports betting, more people are going to be interested in Boston Red Sox games. Sports games have seen increased viewership as gambling on games has become more legal in the country.

As NESN is preparing to air sports gambling content, lawmakers are discussing the future of sports betting in Massachusetts. NESN could generate more interest which could lead voters to call their local representatives and ask them to allow sportsbooks to open in the state. “Follow the Money” will begin to air on NESN starting in April.

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