MLB World Series MVP Award

  • Nevada will now allow prop bets on the MLB World Series MVP.
  • Sportsbooks in Nevada will need to notify the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Enforcement Division if they want to add the wager to their list for the series.
  • The bets for the MVP award must be in before the first pitch is thrown in the World Series as is stipulated in the rules for the wager in the state.

LAS VEGAS – Sports bettors in Nevada have a new wager to look forward to when the 2021 MLB World Series comes around.

On Thursday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) decided to allow sportsbooks in the state to offer bets on the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award for the championship tournament.

While this will be a new prop bet for gamblers statewide to take part in for the sport of baseball, its not without certain terms that sportsbooks must follow should they want to add this particular wager to their list of bets for the World Series.

Nevada sports betting has a number of rules that sportsbooks must adhere to when adding new bets and betting lines such as this one.

The Real MVP

Betting on the MLB is a big moneymaker across the country and this is very much the case in Nevada.

If any sportsbook in Nevada wishes to add the MVP prop bet for the 2021 World Series to their list of bets on the event, they have to go through the Enforcement Division of the NGCB to make it known that they will be participating in the new addition.

One rule for the bet, however, is that all wagers for the MLB MVP of the championship series must be in before the first pitch is thrown during the first game of the tournament.

As for the odds that are given to individual athletes up for the Willie Mays World Series Most Valuable Player Award, that is up to the operator.

But the rules for the bet that has been greenlit for action by the NGCB have been made public for everyone to understand how it will work once postings are seen for the betting line on sportsbooks.

Should any sports betting operation create other bets that stem from the MVP wager, each of those must first be approved through an application process by the NGCB separately. Postseason baseball games get a lot of betting action in the regulated sports betting market across the country and the MVP of the World Series wager is sure to see a lot of betting handle because it’s one of the most coveted awards to receive for the sport.

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