Casinos in Nevada are planning to reopen soon.

  • The Nevada Gaming Commission has accepted new guidelines to reopen casinos in the state.
  • Potentially, over 400 casinos can be reopened in the near future with limited capacity.
  • The Commission claims that safety and health is their number one concern.

LAS VEGAS – The Nevada Gaming Commission approved guidelines on Thursday to reopen various casinos around the state.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, casinos all over the United States have been shut down. That was done to prevent the spread of the virus and to practice social distancing.

However, some state’s economies depend on gambling to make sure the government is properly funded. Nevada is a state that heavily depends on legal sports betting and other forms of gambling for tax revenue.

Nevada sports betting is where the sports gambling industry got its start in the country. However, the coronavirus pandemic has halted these activities, causing economic damage to the state. But that will soon change.

Guidelines To Reopen Casinos In Nevada

The Nevada Gaming Commission has approved guidelines to make sure casinos in the state can reopen as safely as possible. For example, casinos will only be allowed to go up to half capacity. Casinos will enforce that customers will keep their distance from each other in slot and table games.

This means only three players can be at a table for blackjack, four players per roulette table, and other similar limits have been set in place. Similar experiences will happen in the casino’s sportsbooks.

“These are unprecedented times that require unprecedented measures,” said Sandra Morgan, Gaming Control Board Chairwoman. “We are confident that these policies are sound, not only for our licensees, but for our employees and guests.”

Various culinary unions and other worker unions have their concerns that need to be addressed before reopening. All unions want to ensure the safety of their workers first. Rules such as no smoking in the casino have been brought up.

Some professional gamblers have voiced their opinion saying that the casinos are being too restrictive. Some of them say that having so few people at a poker table would make it unprofitable for them and to raise how many people can play at a table. Either way, Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada are looking like they will be first to reopen their casinos and sportsbooks soon.

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