New Jersey was able to pull in approximately $173 million more in sports betting handle than Nevada in September.

  • Sports betting handle in New Jersey has surpassed Nevada in September with the second biggest difference in history.
  • New Jersey has gotten an advantage from online platforms while Nevada has dealt with a hit to its Las Vegas casinos due to COVID-19.
  • Football with NBA and NHL playoffs has boosted the sports betting handle for the month of September and given each state record-breaking numbers.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – New Jersey’s sports betting handle has beat out Nevada for the eighth time and could be positioning itself as the new sports betting capital.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Nevada received a statewide record of $575 million in September but still landed behind New Jersey’s nationwide record of $748.5 million.

The outpacing of the sports betting handle from Garden State over Nevada is the second biggest victory in monthly results after the $193 million difference that came only a month before.

New Jersey seems to be dominating the legal sports betting market because online betting is giving the state an edge. About 90% of all the sports bets in New Jersey are made through online platforms while only 55% of Nevada bets are made online.

Nevada has also been suffering from less traffic to its Las Vegas casinos due to the coronavirus pandemic which has also contributed to having less money wagered.

Though Nevada lost the head-to-head battle against New Jersey, both states are still experiencing their sports betting numbers exploding recently.

Professional and college football started back up in September and played a big role in the increase in the wagers placed but because of COVID-19 protocols, experts believe the outcome could have been even more record-shattering.

“Football betting volumes were down 41.3% or $155.8 million due to several factors including the NFL starting on Sept. 10 vs. Sept. 5 in 2019, so one less weekend of NFL [in September] in this year,” said Michael Lawton, GBC senior research analyst. “Additionally there was no pre-season (small in volume), and a fragmented start to college football.”

Though football was slighted a bit in September, There were also NBA and NHL playoff games that were not happening in the same month a year ago.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic affected sports schedule, it seems that sports betting around the country is increasing, and New Jersey and Nevada are right in the middle of it all.

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