A new sports betting app offers a plethora of betting information for users.

  • abe, an application for knowledge in the sports betting market launched in January.
  • The online platform has many features that sports bettors need all wrapped up in one place, making it the first in the market.
  • The creators want the app to be independent, transparent, and completely run by fact-based data for the gamblers of sporting events.

PHILADELPHIA – A new mobile app for sports betting has hit the market and it’s an all-encompassing source of pertinent information for sports bettors.

Two graduates from the University of Pennsylvania, Brian Goldstein and Paul Lee are the duo behind abe, named after honest Abe Lincoln. They got the idea for the app after sports betting became legal in Pennsylvania with the repeal of PASPA in 2018.


abe has multiple features that are all meant to help gamblers place the most informed bets on sports matchups. They have a price comparison tool that allows users to find top odds at any event. There is a tutorial section for the novice bettor where the application helps members with strategies and ways of becoming more skilled when it comes to legally betting on sports.

Their trending deal finder will scour the internet to find the best promotions and cash offers being given out by various sportsbooks, taking the research out of the equation for their customers. In the weeks to come, a new feature will be launched on the app for historical information. It will be a database of old odds from games for the purposes of sports betting comparisons.

Currently, the team behind abe is made up of five people that report to the WeWork office location in Philadelphia to work on the app. The City of Brotherly Love has quickly turned into the Pennsylvania sports betting capital.

They have raised almost $1.3 million from the start of their idea until now. The second round of fundraising should take place sometime soon. Goldstein, the CEO, and Lee, the COO want to expand in the future and hire more employees as the market grows.

“There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this space,” said Goldstein. “But sports betting at its core is tech and it should have some high-level jobs involved.”

abe is the first app of its kind, rolling out in January of 2020, but the company expects to see more apps like abe pop up as the popularity of sports betting continues to grow with nationwide legalization spreading. At the moment, the platform can be accessed both on the internet and mobile platforms. They are working on an iOS version slated to launch in August 2020.

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