Newgioco Group reopens in Italy.

  • The 150 Italian Newgioco Group locations are set to reopen, bringing sports betting back to the country.
  • Italy shut down sports betting due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.
  • The global sports betting and gaming company has already begun opening physical sports betting shops in Italy.

ROME, Italy – As the global sports betting and gaming company Newgioco Group Inc begins to reopen its sportsbooks in Italy, Italian sports bettors are now able to get in on the action. Sports betting was halted in Italy amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

With the reopening of the legal sports betting shops, Newgioco hopes to also reopen Italy’s economy. Italy has had some of the worst cases of COVID-19 and it has affected the country greatly.

Newgioco originally had to close down at 150 locations. They will now reopen and have employees wearing full protective equipment in order to make sure both customers and employees are safe.

Italy Recovery

Italy was the first European country to go under full lockdown due to the coronavirus and are now looking to bounce back as a nation. The reopening of the Newgioco sports betting shops is a good sign for Italian bettors.

“This is an important economic commitment on the part of our company to share our responsibilities towards reopening the economy in countries where we operate,” said Alessandro Marcelli, Newgioco’s COO. “We are living a pivotal moment, COVID-19 is likely to change our economic structure at all levels and within this new phase of complete uncertainty, the most fragile elements are specifically small businesses.”

Although the company is based in Boca Raton, Florida, Newgioco has an incredible amount of betting shops in Italy. This is why they view their position as important in rebooting the country’s economy. The company can now employ people to work in their betting parlor.

Since Italy suffered so extremely with the coronavirus and are starting to reopen, this shows a good sign for other countries with sports betting suffering similar shutdowns.

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