NHL Commissioner Gary Bettmen

  • NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is looking to continue the season, he feels optimistic with states reopening countrywide.
  • Possibilities for continuing the season include playing games in British Columbia or Toronto.

NEW YORK – The NHL season may be making a return at some point in the near future as NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is looking to resume operations.

Bettman’s optimism for finishing the season comes from the fact that many states have begun reopening.

The premiers of Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia have all expressed interest in being hub cities for the NHL to play their games in Canada. The idea is for the season to continue in empty arenas.

No decision has been made as of yet.

Sports bettors may soon be able to resume betting on the NHL as discussions are being made to continue the season. Commissioner Bettman is looking to avoid a full-on cancelation.

“I believe that if the right time comes, and the right circumstances, based on all of the options that we’re considering and our ability to execute them, we’ll get this season done,” said Bettman.

Bettman also went on to say that canceling the season was “too easy of a solution”.

Now, the league is looking to find low-risk hub cities to bring the games, with Canadian premiers giving their blessing to host games in their stadiums. Possible locations include Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver.

“The sky’s really the limit,” said John Horgan, British Columbia Premier. “I wanted the let the commissioner know that British Columbia stands ready to assist in looking at a plan brought forward by the players and the NHL. If we can make it work, I think it would be great for B.C. and great for the NHL.”

Although no official decision has been made, there is a level of optimism present for all involved.

The NHL season may continue under the right circumstances and sports bettors will be able to continue getting in on NHL action as a result.

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