New Jersey Sportsbooks

  • New Jersey is getting vocal about sportsbook advertisements during NFL games.
  • The Garden State would like sports wagering operators to look over ads to ensure they are safe and not misleading to viewers.
  • Should operators not comply, New Jersey has said that they could go back to requiring commercials to get government approval before being aired on television.

TRENTON, N.J. – Anyone in the nation who has been following the NFL 2021-2022 season games has seen quite a few ads for sportsbooks but the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is becoming vocal about such advertisements. The NFL and sports betting platforms have come together, so much so that it is projected there will be at least $1 billion spent by sportsbooks on ads during football game broadcasts.

What’s Happening In New Jersey

David Rebuck, the director of the DGE says that the Garden State will be keeping an eye on sports gaming operators and their commercials this season. As a speaker for a webinar with GeoComply on Monday, Rebuck said that the marketing divisions of regulated sports betting companies would be monitored where New Jersey is concerned.

Not only will the number of commercials be addressed but also the promotions that are aired in order to get more users. Rebuck has said that the terms and conditions that are connected to these promotions should be fully understood by viewers and these ads are not addressing that issue. New Jersey sports betting is one of the most lucrative industries in the nation.

In the beginning days of their market, sportsbooks did not have free rein when it came to advertising, as ads had to originally be approved by the state. Rebuck is not above doing that once again should the problems with sports gaming company advertisements not be dealt with. Currently, the DGE will be looking into operators but are urging sportsbooks to do the work as well and make sure their advertising departments have their best interests in mind.

“Don’t allow your marketing staff to operate unchecked. They can get you in a lot of trouble because they have different objectives for you. They are not thinking about compliance. We understand the business need. They want to attract people and be creative but they cannot be unchecked,” said Rebuck. “If they are, they will be checked by us and it will happen in a way you won’t be happy with.”

New Jersey Sports Betting

New Jersey retail and mobile sportsbooks will surely take all that was said by Rebuck seriously because they all have money on the line. If operators have to go back to the days where ads are approved before they can be viewed, that could take up to a month to receive such approvals and the NFL betting season is now.

The DGE is not asking too much of sports wagering platforms. They simply want them to read the fine print within their commercials before they air so that the viewers are safe and not under any misconceptions. In doing so, they’ll still gain players and continue to make money with NFL advertisements rather than potentially lose out on ads and players if they learn they’ve been misled in any way.

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