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  • Twitter ($TWTR) has a current stock price of $31.07 and the over/under has standard odds (-120).

NEW YORKSportsbooks just keep adding to the menu of prop bets in their entertainment category as sports slowly begin to make their comeback. Their newest bet is on the Twitter stock price.

Betting and betting on the stock market are quite literally two gambles for the price of one. Stocks, like wagers, are never a “sure thing” no matter how much a broker or bookie wants their customers to believe otherwise.

Bet On Twitter’s End Of Year Stock Price

Sports betting apps like BetOnline have listed the bet for the social media company’s stock price in the entertainment category section of prop bets.

The current wager asks the question: What will the Twitter stock price be on December 31, 2020?

Will Twitter finish out the year strong in the stock market or continue to circle around the same price as they have been doing with their recent stats?

Throughout the year, the price of Twitter stock ranged anywhere from $20 to $45.86 as records indicate.

The current price is $31.07.

The prop bet listing has the social media outlet closing their year with both Over $31 USD and Under $31 USD odds equally set at (-120). This bet is very much the gambler’s best guess, given that even bookmakers have the same odds for each end of the spectrum.

What Will The Stock Do?

According to research done by the “Investor’s Business Daily,” (IBD) Twitter stock could very well exceed expectations as they’ve managed to keep within a good price range during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

For investors willing to take a risk on a stock purchase, IBD concludes that Twitter stock could be a good buy but their chances of having strong growth earnings by the end of the year do not look promising.

That’s the key piece of information that a bettor on this wager would want to know when placing their bets with sportsbooks.

If studies do not see a high rate of potential for a price spike, then the Under may be the bet to take. Following the market for a bit could help before placing the actual bet because if the year closes out even at a price of $31.01 then the Over side will have won the wager because of one tiny cent.

At the moment, the Over is on the winning end by a meager seven cents, but it is just enough.

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