• The Louisiana Sports Wagering Control Act permits wagering on professional and college sports.
  • Mobile and land-based wagering would be allowed under this provision.
  • Louisiana legislature convenes on April 8 and adjourns on June 6.

BATON ROUGE, La. – As expected, Senator Danny Martiny (R- Metairie) pre-filed SB 153 last week in attempts to bring legal sports betting to Louisiana.

Also known as “The Louisiana Sports Wagering Control Act”, SB153 shall begin its discussion after the legislators convene on next Monday, April 8. With only two months to approve this measure, legislators will turn their focus towards reviewing the bill and discussing any modifications.

Martiny filed a similar bill last year; however, this was before the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn PASPA. With sports betting no longer banned on the federal level, this year’s proposal will likely advance further than 2018 SB 266.

What’s In The Louisiana Sports Betting Bill?

Upon approval, sports wagering in Louisiana would be permitted for those 21 and older on both professional and collegiate sporting events. Single-game wagering details the ability to bet on spreads, totals, propositional bets, and more. Prohibited wagers include e-sports and high school athletics.

Any one of the 16 licensed casinos or four racetracks would be eligible to apply for a license, which are regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board. Licensees are able to have self-service machines and/or kiosks as well as a wagering window with cashiers present. The ability to create a lounge is also permitted.

Provisions for a licensing fee have yet to be set as well as any taxation rate; however, these details are expected to be set by the board upon approval from legislators.

Martiny discussed the idea of having the tax contributions support the state’s children in poverty. His plan was to have all or the majority of the revenue help fund the Child Care Assistance Program.

Mobile betting would also be permitted and they have seemed to take a page out of Mississippi’s sports betting playbook. Mobile and computer wagering would only be allowed on-site at the licensed facility. Players would have to create an account before placing a bet; however, the bill does not lay out if they are required to sign up at the gambling establishment.

Before any of the standards can happen, voters must first approve the measure in their parish. The bill includes language to have the October 12 ballot include the proposed amendment. A simple majority is required in order for the parish to agree to permit sports wagering.

Upon legislators passing the bill, the governor signing the bill into law, the board setting license and taxation plans, and the voters approving the measure, legal Louisiana sports betting could begin as early as 2020. The plan is to have it fully up and running before the 2020-2021 NFL football season.

Louisiana legislature adjourns on June 6.

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