Ohio legislators may regulate sports betting ahead of the upcoming March Madness Tournament.

  • Ohio lawmakers debate regulated sports betting ahead of March Madness.
  • There are two bills currently in circulation that would allow sports betting in Ohio.
  • Ohio Governor Mike DeWine believes a sports betting bill will pass soon.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio residents who are eager for legal and regulated sports betting in Ohio may not be waiting for much longer, as Governor Mike DeWine is confident that a sports betting bill will pass soon. Legislators have put forth to two bipartisan bills that would bring sportsbooks to Ohio but neither of them have passed the committee stage they have been stationed in since November of last year.

If either of these bills move forward and are approved, there may be sports betting in Ohio with just enough time for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Ohio State however isn’t too keen on the idea. If regulated sports betting comes to Ohio, the University would like a ban on collegiate sports betting.

Ohio’s Optimism For Legal Sports Betting

Gov. DeWine is confident that at least one of the two bipartisan bills passes in the near future. Both OH HB 194 and OH SB 111 have held previous discussions, as the measures have undergone eight and two hearings, respectively.

“I think sports betting is coming to Ohio. I think the question is, how do we regulate it,” said DeWine.

Discussions raised by the two bills still are at ends between who would be in charge – either the Casino Control Commission or the Ohio Lottery – and if betting will be allowed or restricted towards college sports.

The outlook of online and mobile sports betting is also in a tug of war.

Ohio State has been vehemently opposed to wagering on local college teams in Ohio, wanting a ban on collegiate sports betting. if any bill gets approved.

If there isn’t a statewide ban implemented, Ohio State may induct a staff and student ban like other universities have done in states with legal sports betting.

Ohio has been lagging behind neighboring states with their two bills sitting in limbo for so long.

If Gov. DeWine’s hopes are fulfilled, Ohio residents may be able to see sports betting in Ohio make its way toward legality before the start of March Madness.

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