• PGA TOUR Will Allow Players To Be Sponsored By Major Gambling Companies
  • Gambling Companies Can Now Be Considered Official Marketing Partners of the PGA
  • New Policies Are Effective Starting This Week

Golfers participating in the PGA TOUR have long been sponsored by major brands such as NIKE, Titlist, and Callaway, but the Tours newest policies will allow them to also accept sponsorship deals from major gambling companies.

Players were notified of the new policies earlier this week in a meeting conducted prior to The Honda Classic. The rules were effective after the meeting’s conclusion.

According to the PGA TOUR “Gambling companies can now be considered for Official Marketing Partners for all six tours overseen by the PGA Tour, and tournaments and players also can seek sponsored deals with such entities.”

The policy changes fall in line with the acceptance of sports betting spreading across the country this year. There are now 8 states with active sportsbooks of some kind, and over a dozen other states considering legislation to legalize the activity as well.

However, the TOUR’s policy does not include sponsorships from companies whose sole purpose is sports betting.

Sportsbook operators such as William Hill, PointsBet, and DraftKings will be left out of potential PGA sponsorships. But, companies that have partnered with these operators such as Caesars, MGM Resorts, and Crown Resorts will instead be able to take advantage of the new rules.

Players were also informed that they could wear logos or names from distilled spirit companies during any broadcasted event on the PGA TOUR network telecasts.

What This Means For Players And The TOUR

As many fans of the sport know, sponsorship deals for golfers are one of their main sources of income. Companies are willing to pay top dollar in order to advertise their brands through players, and gambling companies are no different.

Five-time PGA Tour winner Billy Horschel shared his insight after the new policies were announced. (* https://www.golfchannel.com/news/players-welcome-new-gambling-endorsement- *)

“I know there are guys out there who have been approached about deals or have potential deals in place. Deals are coming, and I think the Tour is being proactive,” he said.

As for the TOUR itself, having these gaming companies as an official marketing partner is similar to the deals struck by other major sports leagues.

The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL have all signed deals with companies such as Caesars and MGM Resort in order to give them access to trademarks and logos to use in their facilities. It presents a way to advertise the sport in a place where many sports fans are now beginning to go to watch and bet on events.

The PGA Tour is now hoping to do the same and capitalize on sports bettors watching the event. However, they have made sure to take extra protocols to maintain the integrity of the sport.

After the repeal of PASPA last year, the TOUR partnered with Genius Sports in order to develop an integrity program for all those involved in the sport to follow.

The program will continue to run now and will work to ensure that these new sponsorships do not affect the outcome of any PGA TOUR events.

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