Horse racing betting in Puerto Rico returning with major action.

  • Horse racing returned to Puerto Rican sportsbooks this weekend for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The Puerto Rico’s Horse Reform Committee reported 856,524 bets were placed on horse racing this weekend.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Horse racing returned to sports betting menu in Puerto Rico for the first time since racetracks were shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The return of horse racing to the country’s gambling economy was met with a warm welcome as Puerto Rico reported just short of one million total bets placed during the weekend.

With no baseball or other major sports available to be bet on at sportsbooks for Puerto Rican punters, horse racing was front and center this weekend and carried sportsbooks in Puerto Rico to the highest bet total seen in months.

The Horse Reform Committee of Puerto Rico reported a total of 856,524 bets placed on horse races Friday and Saturday at racetracks.

Seeing that many bets placed in one weekend is a major positive for the Puerto Rican sports betting market, especially as the country eases up its lockdown restrictions and starts to begin opening back up to tourists.

Coming out of the pandemic Puerto Rico’s sportsbooks should be able to make up some of the lost ground especially with horse racing making its return around the island.

If horse racing sparked the interest of bettors on the island, imagine when the NBA and MLB among other sports are back on sports betting menus throughout Puerto Rico for the first time in months.

As time goes on expect Puerto Rico’s legislatures to continue to find more ways to generate more sports betting revenue for the government which recently struck a deal with Gaming Laboratories International to aid in drafting sports betting regulations.

With that in mind expect Puerto Rico’s sports betting menu to expand in the near future as sports betting and horse racing should continue to flourish on the island.

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