• Jambos Picks guarantees to be profitable to anyone that joins their sports wagering data platform.
  • Some of the biggest names on the financial scene have invested in the company.
  • Jambos offers the highest-quality information on four separate sports.

WASHINGTON – Jambos Picks, a new sports wagering analysis platform, has received $23 million from financial backers.

Jambos is the brainchild of ex-MLB pitcher Michael Schwimer. The DC-based startup company will come up with different sets of algorithms based on official sports data to make recommendations to their customers on the best wagers to place. The sporting information that will be covered by Jambos includes the MLB, NCAA Men’s Basketball, the NFL, and NCAA Football.

Schwimer came up with the idea when he realized the lack of options there were for people that wanted to make bets that were profitable based on proper information.

“I’ve been looking at this industry for more than eight months now, and it’s just an awful, awful industry, and people who are skeptical and have every right to be skeptical,” said Schwimer.

To make his startup a reality, he required funding from investors. Jambo has gained $23 million from top financiers that include names like David Ganek, Marvin Bush, Bill Miller, and chairman of the New York Racing Association, Steve Duncker.

Jambos has hired data analysts who are experts in the fields of finance and sports. These experts will base their models for the best wager picks on various team and player statistics along with outside forces such as the expected weather during an event.

The company also offers its customers a guarantee to win. Should their picks not have a positive outcome, members will receive a full refund of their subscription fees plus any money lost betting on Jambos Picks. Schwimer is not worried about offering such a guarantee, as he believes in his business’s ability to deliver.

“Our proprietary algorithm brings a machine learning-based approach to sports betting and guarantees profitability if you follow our system, or we pay you,” said Schwimer. “By analyzing everything from both publicly available and commercial data sets – some of which are exclusive to Jambos – we ensure that subscribers are always equipped with the best possible bet recommendations. Our record of success speaks for itself.”

Jambos also offers a money back guarantee, as long as bettors follow their recommended strategies. If a customer does not make a profit, they will get back more than just the accumulated loss.

“For example, a customer with a 17-week subscription that costs $3 per pick, and includes 1,000 recommended bets would receive $10,000 back (including the subscription fee) if they followed the JAMBOS method and did not profit.”

Jambos is a company centered around integrity and the strength of their data. They want customers to believe in their sports betting choices. Members are guaranteed a satisfactory and profitable experience if they join Jambos for all of their sports wagering information needs.

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