• New Hampshire does not have any casinos operating within the state’s borders.
  • N.H. Senator Lou D’Allesandro has been trying to authorize casinos in the state since 1999.
  • NH HB 480 will now go to a full Senate vote where it will be amended.

CONCORD, N.H. – A New Hampshire sports betting bill now has a great chance to pass.

Last week, NH SB 310 was voted down by the State House. The legislative chamber voted 289-63 against the proposal. That was mainly due to the fact that it included provisions to open two new casinos in New Hampshire.

The proposal stemmed from NH HB 480 which would legalize sports betting across the state. The House previously passed that bill and was waiting for it to pass through the Senate.

N.H. Senator Lou D’Allesandro tried to tack on the possibility of opening casinos to the bill in the hopes that the new casinos would be able to offer sportsbooks. But now that his version of the bill was voted down and indefinitely postponed, the original NH HB 480 can now be voted on by the Senate floor.

It will be amended to remove any language of casinos before going to a vote next week. If the bill clears the Senate, it will have to go back to the House for concurrence.

Given the fact that NH HB 480 was originally passed by the House by a vote of 269-82, many believe they would pass it again.

From there the bill will be sent to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu to either sign or veto. He previously included $10 million dollars generated from sports betting in the state budget, so the chances for him to sign off on a sports betting bill are high.

The bill would authorize the New Hampshire Lottery Commission to choose up to 10 retail sports betting locations. It would also allow the Commission to partner with an mobile sports betting provider to offer a statewide mobile sports wagering app.

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