Drew Brees and Jameis Winston

  • Jameis Winston played five seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  • With a 28-42 record, Winston is hoping to revive his career in New Orleans.
  • Winston negated other offers to take a pay cut and play under Sean Payton.

NEW ORLEANS – With the NFL Draft concluding on Saturday, many believed the NFL offseason wouldn’t see much action for a while.

However, on Sunday, Jameis Winston and the New Orleans Saints worked to finalize a deal that would move the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback to one of his division rivals.

Playing in the NFC South, Winston was made aware he would not be starting when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Tom Brady in free agency. As his time in Tampa was filled with turnovers and a losing record, the Bucs seemed adamant about not wanting to continue their arrangement with Winston – even after Brady potentially retires after the year.

As Teddy Bridgewater left New Orleans to gather a starting role in Carolina, Winston will be the backup to Drew Brees and be thrown in the mix with Taysom Hill as well.

The deal is only for one year, as Winston will get to experience a Sean Payton-Drew Brees style of offense.

Because Winston will be the backup, the Super Bowl betting odds surrounding the Saints have not changed. However, should Brees find himself injured like last season, the Saints now have a backup that can control the game and keep the organization winning.

Assuming the Saints resign Winston after this year, the team may have stumbled upon their franchise quarterback as well. As a former number one overall pick, Winston’s NFL career has fallen well short of expectations.

Still, with the right coach and system around him, Winston is all the Saints need to keep their favored Super Bowl status for many years to come. Though it is a while away, those betting on the Saints or any NFL team should keep this in mind when the NFL odds are released for Super Bowl LVI.

For those playing fantasy football, they may have just found their darkhorse keeper as well.

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