Samsung TV Plus users will now have access to the SportsGrid Network for free.

  • Samsung TV Plus users will now have 24-hour sports betting news access as the company will now be airing the SportsGrid network for free.
  • SportsGrid works closely with FanDuel Sportsbook to help with their programming as well as using their data, odds, and wagers throughout their shows.

NEW YORKThe SportsGrid Network, a channel centered completely on sports betting, launched on Friday for users of the Samsung TV Plus.

SportsGrid will be a free channel on any version of the smart tv from 2016 and up. All of the network’s 24/7 sports wagering programming can be found on channel 1160 for interested viewers.

Sports Bettors Have A Friend In Samsung

In late June, SportsGrid announced its partnership with FanDuel Group.

FanDuel is a recognized name among bettors, if not the leading name in the entire sports betting industry nationwide. Through this partnership, SportsGrid will use wagers and odds from FanDuel within their broadcasts.

Not only that, each month they will air 50 hours of collaborated material from FanDuel for viewers to enjoy as is stated within their multiyear contract deal.

And now Samsung TV Plus owners will have free access to all of this information making Samsung a sports bettor’s new best friend. With mobile sportsbooks and now a TV channel, a sports bettor can watch and wager in unison while at home.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect with the comeback of major league sports on the horizon. This will mean a lot more data, statistics, wagers, and general information being aired about betting on sports and the games themselves.

“We are thrilled to announce SportsGrid’s launch on Samsung TV Plus on Samsung’s Smart TV platform, as it’s an important step towards expanding our national distribution at scale,” said Lou Maione, Founder and President of SportsGrid. “Samsung TV Plus viewers can rely on SportsGrid’s commitment to reporting what is happening, being informed and providing perspective to make their sports wagering decisions.”

Put On Channel 1160

Samsung offers over 120 free channels and the SportsGrid network has just been added to that list. This was a smart move on Samsung’s part as their TV sales may hit a new audience.

If an avid sports fan or gambler is in need of a new TV, having access to 24-hour legal sports betting content has just sold them on Samsung among any other brand of television in competition.

Odds, wagers, daily game lineups, news, and everything in between can be seen on SportsGrid. Original programming surrounding these topics will be aired with a number of prominent sports personalities covering collegiate sports, the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, golf, soccer, tennis, and more.

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